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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Will Be Updating Again Soon

I'm so sorry for the long absence. It began with a spur of the moment decision to play in the World Series of Poker, something I've wanted to do at least once in my life. (Got to see David Williams at a final table, and played with Daniel Negreanu and took a pic with him if you know who that is... if you don't, he's one of the top 4 most recognizable poker players out there and an all around awesome guy.)

That transitioned into wanting to take a week off and just focus on work, which transitioned into pushing myself hard because three permanent positions opened up at the hospital. I ended up pushing myself past the exhaustion point, often doing 6 or 7 shifts a week, and needing to stop by the side of the road on my way home to take a nap because I knew if I kept going I would fall asleep at the wheel and eventually get into a major accident. (Okay, I did fall asleep at the wheel for fractions of a second at a time, with one instance being in the middle of an intersection and no remembering if I stopped at the stop sign.)

Alternating between 3 hours and 10-16 hours of sleep at time is brutal on the body.

This state of exhaustion was probably a contributing factor into placing the wrong med in one of the machines where the nurses can get easy, yet protected, access to meds for patients, which led to a delay in patient care.

I did not get fired, but could have been, and of course I felt terrible about it. I'm doing much better about not taking my body to that breaking point.

I've also in this time, taking the opportunity to take a vacation from Magic and explore other things that are out there, like finally completing the Uncharted trilogy, and playing the Walking Dead game by TellTale, and now I'm ready to get back to working on this blog.

I know I had bigger plans, but it turns out it's hard keep expand the website when working more than full time. But I do hate leaving things incomplete. At the very least I want to be able to get through the whole Weatherlight saga, up through Apocalypse. At that point I can reevaluate the situation.

Of course in the near future I do want to just finish this Ice Age trilogy! Expect updates to start again this week. The updates will still be daily once they start, up until the end of <i>The Eternal Ice</i>, but I probably won't start the next book immediately.

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  1. It´s really nice that you are coming back :)