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Monday, September 3, 2012

Major Problem

I can't remember the email address that I used to make all the posts here. I only just realized that mtgfiction@gmail.com is not the email address I've been using. This only has permission to create new posts, but I cannot edit any posts by the main account, which means I can't edit any of the main pages.

Need to figure out some way to know where the emails are being forwarded from...

Update: Email recovered!

I wish I could change the way this is all set up, but the main account "Anominal" is tied to several blogs that I tried writing, yet the email address listed on the profile page for that name (anominalblogs@gmail.com) isn't the one I use to sign in, nor is it the straightforward and simple mtgfiction@gmail.com. But the main log in email address forwards to the "blogs" email address (as does the mtgfiction email address which also forwards to my main personal email address)... and through that convoluted setup, I was able to use the Blogger look up feature to send me my log in information. Phew!

The day is gone, but at least I got through that major rough patch that would have killed the site had I not gotten through.

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