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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Updates Are Coming!

First Saturday of May, and already my plan is hitting some roadblocks. I want to review the comics, but I don't think I can be as detailed in them as I am with the books. Should I even cover each issue as they come out? Or should I cover each mini-series after it's completed. I don't know. I want to show off the art as well, but how much is okay, and how much will bring down the wrath of IDW?

What I do know is that I just got the Avacyn Restored Fat Pack in the mail, and so maybe I'll do an unboxing video of that, including going through the contents of the Player's Guide which gives the general rundown of the story, as well as background info on our two new planeswalkers Tibalt and Tamiyo.

I'm venturing out into new territory here, and while this is something I do only in my free time, I want to do it as best I can.

And speaking of free time... sorry about no updates the past couple days. There was a last minute plan to see the midnight release of The Avengers movie, and that threw my plans out of whack. Fantastic movie though. Maybe the pacing was a tad slow in the beginning for me, but Joss Whedon is great at working with ensembles, and that really shined through. Can't wait for the sequel!

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