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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One More Delay and Spending

Sorry... I thought it was going to be my day off, but I ended up picking up another shift (and only had less than two hours of sleep before going back to work.)

Obviously as soon as I got home I pretty much went straight to bed. In response to mentioning that I've likely spent at least 1k on MTG fiction related products in the past years, Friend of the Blog Jasper Lawrence says:

Huh, that's a lot of money.

I've avoided looking at the actual numbers, knowing that I've been spending tons, but why not try to add some of it up?

Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored Fat Packs: $125
Artifacts Cycle I & II Omnibuses: $21
Dragons: Worlds Afire: $4
Legends Cycle I (Johan, Jedit, Hazezon): $37
In the Teeth of Akoum: $40
The Brothers' War (hardcover): $20
The Brothers' War (1st edition): $20
Lot of 22 MTG books: $58
The Purifying Fire: $9
The Purifying Fire Vol 1 (manga): $31
Rath and Storm: $18
Mirrodin Trilogy: $21
Alaran Unbroken: $37
Test of Metal: $8
Test of Metal (Accidental 2nd copy): $8
Coldsnap Player's Guide: $11
MTG Players Guide lot (x2 lots): $55
Helvault Display (from Pre-reelase): 
34 issues of the Duelist: ~$248 (Ranging from $4-$20 each sealed/opened, with a conservative estimate at 8 each)
Duplicate Issues of the Duelist won through multiple auction lots: ~150 (conservative estimate again)
MTG Comic: $40 (for every cover of issues 1-3 through ebay and the digital versions)
Path of the Planeswalker 1 and 2: $20
Ice Age Trilogy: $55


$1,000 right there. That's with conservative estimates, and not including a bunch of comic lots I've bought for the older comics, MTG encyclopedias, the various MTG video games, an assortment of booklets and booster boxes, and much more.

Now that I've added it all up, I've likely spend closer to $2,000 thanks to starting up this site, and I'm still looking to complete my collection of all the duelist magazines (sealed if possible), as well as upgrading the condition of some of the books I have.

And yes, I've spent a  lot on books that I very highly do not recommend that people read, but I can't help it. I activated the collector and completionist in me by starting this. I've also come across things that would only interest collectors like discovering that the 1st edition of Test of Metal comes with a glossy cover, while the 2nd edition is matte, and the 1st edition of The Brothers' War has a blue Magic logo from the cards, while later editions have the orange logo that is Wizards preferred logo color.

So I know updates have been non-existent this past week, but I'm pretty committed to this site.

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  1. I'm impressed you found Shattered Alliance. That's a rare book now.