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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally... Update Later Today

How exhausted have I been from working so many shifts on so little sleep? Apparently exhausted to the point that I just slept for 19 hours.

I'm fully rested now, and will work on an update for today, as well as get started on the first Magic anthology that I'm going to cover The Colors of Magic, which will be up on Saturday.

Friend of Blog VoyagerOrchid says:

I'm impressed you found Shattered Alliance. That's a rare book now.

It's been a lot of constant eBay watching and searching through amazon to acquire what I have. In the Teeth of Akoum seems to be the hardest book to find, from my experience. The Shattered Alliance was noticably harder than others, as well as Legends Cycle I and 1st Editions of The Brothers' War. And naturally, the older the books, the harder it is to find in excellent conditions.

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