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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ice Age - Map

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Hundreds of Years After the Brothers' War...
The continent of Terisiare has seen many changes since the long ago Brothers' War. The struggling nation of Kjeldor - between the eastern coast and the mountains - relies on hot springs and hard work to survive. The southeastern peninsula holds the forest of Fyndhorn (home to Elves and Druids), magically protected from the ravages of winter by the goddess Freyalise. North of the mountains and cast of the river lies the Balduvian Steppe, home to scattered tribes of barbarians. Near the Frost Marsh is Lim-Dul's Keep, where the terrible necromancer commands his undead cohort. To the west is a vast wasteland that has lain fallow since the end of the Brothers' War, but beyond the glacial wall rests the School of the Unseen, a secretive conclave of illusionists and magical scholars.

                                                                                                   [Source: The Duelist, Issue 5]


  1. There's some other maps out there if you want to pull from them, on phyrexia.com.

    Here: http://phyrexia.com/continuity/maps.shtml

    1. That's awesome! Thanks. I only wish I knew the original sources so I could scour the internet to acquire them.

      After reading your comment, I was going to ask you if you knew any other sites that I might want to use as personal story related resources... but then I happened to be browsing reddit.com/r/magictcg and it turns out you already answered that question.

      (It's kind of sad that there are so few sites dedicated to the mtg storyline. At the same time that's part of the reason that motivated me to get this going.)