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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Gathering Dark - Primer

This primer is an attempt at collecting information released by Wizards of the Coast at magicthegathering.com or through official publications such as the Duelist Magazine in regards to either the set The Dark or the novel The Gathering Dark. Unfortunately information seems to be extremely scarce.


The Dark Visual Spoiler
The Dark Flavor Text

The Duelist Magazine

While the official website was not around when the set or the book was released, The Duelist Magazine was had in fact been already launched. Unfortunately as a product of timing and only a quarterly release schedule, it was Legends and Fallen Empires that were the focuses of issues #2 and #3, leaving The Dark as the forgotten child during that time period.


Despite the official website being launched in 2002, many of the older sets have gotten coverage in theme weeks dedicated to those sets. At this moment in time, I cannot seem to find the existence of a theme week dedicated to The Dark. The whole reason I began organizing an archive of articles from magicthegathering.com was to be able to easily find information that would be relevant to these books. Either I've skimmed my archives too quickly and missed something, grossly mislabeled articles that would be relevant to this book, or the articles don't exist on the site.

If anyone know of any official information in regards to The Dark. Please let me know.

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