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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Test of Metal - Tezzeret: Something Stupid

Last time: Tezzeret and Baltrice were ready to take on the Labyrinth, with Silas Renn in wait.

Tezzeret: Something Stupid

Baltrice tells Tezzeret he's being stupid. He is basically telling Silas Renn to kill him. Tezzeret counters by saying that what he's doing is allowing him to choose whether to do it or not, which isn't the same thing.

“Might as well be,” she said. “What in the hells are you gonna do when he makes you start to age like a year per second or something?”

(Really? This soon in the chapter I'm already throwing my hands up in the air in frustration? Just when I thought clockworking couldn't get more ridiculous, added to the abilities of seeing possible futures, pulling people and objects from alternate timelines into their reality, and the ability to possibly time travel... now they can also insta-age their enemies as a weapon.

(This ability is too powerful.

(If there was a Planeswalker Clockworker card it would say:

Winnius, the Unstoppable
Planeswalker - Winnius (20)

Winnius cannot be discarded, countered, exiled, or targeted by spells or abilities.

Winnius starts in your opening hand.

+0: Return Winnius to the battlefield. Play only if Winnius is in the graveyard or in the exiled zone.

-5: You get an emblem with "Spells you control cost 0 to play and gain 'When this card is played, draw a card.'"

(I am not excited to see how Tezzeret is going to overcome seemingly near impossible odds by facing off against a clockworker. I'm waiting to see how the conclusion of this story is not going to make sense.)

As Tezzeret continues to deconstruct the etherium sleds to make armor, he tells her that in that case he's going to just have to rely on her to save him.

As they talk on, Tezzeret makes it clear that he doesn't intend to fight Silas. Any intention on his part would just give warning and the fight would be over before it began. Baltrice tells him how different he is than the Tezzeret she knew, how much more patient he is. He agrees and tells her that the old Tezzeret likely would have created dopplegangers of himself out of the etherium sleds, and had them attack all at once in an attempt to scramble Silas Renn's clockworking ability.

Baltrice more gently asks him if he knows that Nicol Bolas must have altered him. Tezzeret says he does, and explains to her that he's not mad about it. Nicol Bolas has certainly made him more patient, less volatile, and perhaps even smarter, and he's put him onto the quest of his dreams that he had to abandon decades ago. The scrambling of his brain and the loss of his arm were Jace's doing, not Bolas'. Nicol Bolas may very well have made him a better man, so how could he possibly be angry about that?

Tezzeret then flips things around. He very cautious proposes a so-called hypothetical scenario to Baltrice. He tells her that she too isn't the same as he remembered. She was an unhappy, vicious killer, but now he's seen her smile and be able to express jokes that didn't involve someone being maimed. He asks her how she would feel if it turned out that happiness she now feels wasn't because she has a better boss that has created better working conditions, but rather was artificially produced? Would she still be angry about it?

(Well, there's at least something good here. The fact that Jace has messed around with her mind is finally being addressed.)

“Are you kidding?” She stared at me incredulously. “If some bastard put magic on me to screw with my life? You think I’d thank him?”

“I would.”

“I’d jam both hands in his ass and rip him in half from the bottom up.” She looked as though even considering the possibility had brought anger to a rolling boil. “People who screw with me get third-degree thank-yous.”

Tezzeret recognizes how blind she is to her situation and tells her that maybe she's not so different after all as a means to keep her anger in check.


His armor is complete, the other sled had a look over, and a magical gate has been constructed. Tezzeret goes over the details one more time, and Baltrice says she's ready to do her part. The gate is opened, and they two wish each other luck.

As an after thought, Baltrice asks Tezzeret what he would do if Silas actually just opened the doors and welcomed him in.

“Drop dead from the shock,” I said, and stepped through.

* * *

Short and Sweet

Seems like the short chapters are usually the better ones for this book. Besides the obvious clockworking issues, the moment between Baltrice and Tezzeret was acceptable. It was a nice "calm before the storm" kind of chapter.

What's the plan exactly? It was spoken offscreen during the break in the chapter so I don't exactly know. Seems like Baltrice is going to be a decoy/distraction of some sort for the zombies, while Tezzeret sneaks his way on in.

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