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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here's the full situation

The short of it is that the update will be delayed until Tuesday.

As for the full picture...

I work at a large hospital as a pharmacy technician, but I'm not employed by the hospital. I'm hired through an agency, and we're on three month contracts that do get renewed each time (usually) as long as you're performing well. The threat of being let go at at any time is there though, which is one incentive to pick up shifts.

Another part of the equation is that for the first two months I had 40 hours a week scheduled every week, but this month my schedule only began with 6 actual scheduled shifts. That was a huge incentive to pick up as many sick calls as I could early on, as well as other shifts that ended up missing for other reasons, because getting pretty much just one week's of work for the entire month isn't something I wanted.

The third part of the equation is that the hospital is rolling out into a new computer system to coordinate the doctor's, nurses, and pharmacy in a more efficient fashion, however there are expected growing pains. Because of this, I believe, there have been extra pharmacy technicians hired on to help with the process. That is the reason why there were initial so few shifts between us (that and the fact that the full-time employees are guarnteed hours while we are not so they gain priority.)

The fourth part of this equation is that one of us has been moved to a data entry project in preparation for the new system going live, so while there were scare hours to pick up before, there are all of a sudden more shifts available than people can pick up, which only creates a greater workload on everyone else.

While I've manged to acquire enough shifts to get me through the month and meet my savings goals (while at the same time allowing me to spent a bit on myself), it is hard for me to not be a team player. While I was happy that for the next three weeks I've managed to get all morning shifts so I could finally stabilize my sleeping schedule (and thus have more energy to do things like do my daily updates)

So when the need arose for someone to cover an evening shift tomorrow, and I asked other people who were available according to the schedule, if they wanted to pick up the shift, they all said they already had plans. So the pressure of wanting to perform well, as well as the desire to help when there is a need has made it so I've committed to doing a double shift on Sunday, followed by a morning shift the next day.

That means I'm working from 5:45am to 11:30pm, then getting home and waking up at 4:00am to make it to the 6:00am shift the following day.

I'm seriously going to need some sleep.

Once again I think this will be less of a problem once I finish this book and get to the other books which will have shorter chapters, but I need to get to that point first.

Good news is that by front loading all my work shifts in the beginning of the month, I'm going to have a good week and a half stretch that is mostly days off. Once I make it to Tuesday, I'm only scheduled to work for three of eleven days, and I should be able to properly sit back and finish the Read Through without the realities of work barging in and messing up this schedule. I'd prefer to just do the Read Through rather than feel pressured to do it. It will come out better in the end.

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