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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Halfway done

Edit 3: Look what I did. I went and worked this morning and picked up another shift for tomorrow which was supposed to be my day off. Now I'm working six days this week.

Once this book is finished, I do not think this will be as big of a problem. I'm fairly certain the chapters in both the Ice Age trilogy and the rest of the Artificer's cycle have much shorter chapters and will be easier to both build up a backlog for situations just like this, as well as to just finish posts in general even if that backlog is eaten up. I'll try to finish tonight, but I guess I can't make that kind of promise right now.

I want to finish, and I want these hiccups to disappear, thanks for bearing with me through all this. Gaps between books I'd like to avoid, but they happen again in the future. Delays in the middle of a read through I find unacceptable, and it is very unfortunate that they are happening right now.

Edit 2: This was a long chapter with issues. I really need to process what I've read so I'm going to sleep on it. It is a long and complicated chapter, complicated from a story sense, and in terms of how I feel about it.

Halfway done. It's a long chapter, and I'm taking a quick break to eat. Check back in two hours. (8:00pm PST/ -8 GMT)

Edit: Or perhaps a couple more hours after that. A lot of time paradox talk and the mechanics of clockingworking going into effect. Gotta take the time to read this through and write up a proper post.

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