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Friday, February 3, 2012

Delay, Comics, and What Else Am I Reading?

Three things:

1) There will be a delay in the Test of Metal updates. I'll try to get it finished tonight, but I'm working on three hours of sleep, and I got home from work at 3:00pm. As this goes up I may be working on Chapter 12 impressions, or I may be asleep. Whether it's delayed a little bit, or a lot, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 impressions will be up by tomorrow at the regular time. (6:00pm PST)

2) Magic: The Gathering #1 from IDW is out now! I've picked up all three variant covers online, but when I can get myself to not be lazy, I'll go to a local comic shop and support them by creating an account to get it from one consistent place each and every month.

3) These Magic books aren't the only books that I read. Without pressure to write up something after each and every chapter, I can fly through other books at a decent rate. So what else have I been reading?

Considering the movie will be out next month, my most recent read was the Hunger Games Trilogy. The first trailer for the movie is a pretty good basic synopsis of the story, and my quick non-spoiler impressions is that the first book is a pretty fantastic and quick read. Book 2 was pretty good but like many trilogies this second part ends in a huge cliffganger, and while I liked the concept of book 3 there are some major issues with how it is executed.

The comparisons to Battle Royale (I've seen the movie and read the manga but have not read the book.) are obvious, but there are some very important differences. The biggest being that Battle Royale has classmates killing classmates and the story explores how those variations would play out in that kind of scenario whereas in the Hunger Games pretty much has stranger against stranger and so really only looks at the experience of the main character. Both are perfectly fine approaches, and there is nothing wrong with variety in this way.

And that's what else I've been reading.

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