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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's next?

1/26 Update 2: Unexpected shift at work + only 3 hours of sleep = missed post. If things go according to schedule, now I have a long weekend to catch up and start building up that post buffer so delays can be avoided.

1/25 Update: The Test of Metal Read Through will resume tomorrow.

Friend of the Blog, VoyagerOrchid asks

So where's next, what book awaits us? This was quite a synopsis to follow. Thanks!

Did you see the Dark Ascension pre-story, with Mikeaus and Gisela/Geralf (with a little bit of Liliana in there)?

Next is a quick couple days break. Picking up double shifts at the hospital throws my schedule off (I do have a draft going for my The Brothers' War review in the works... and I still need to finish the review for Future Sight and the Purifying Fire.)

What I would like is to still figure out how exactly I'm going to cover the Magic comic books on this site, so I can cover the  Antiquities War and Urza-Mishra War mini-series' to compare and contrast the differences between each other and with this book.

What will happen is that I'm going to resume Test of Metal and put up a new poll for you guys to help me decide that once I'm finished with that, if I should pick up the story of Urza and finish the Artifacts Cycle by covering Planeswalker, Timestreams, and Bloodlines (The books that cover the Urza Block) OR if I should go chronologically and do Read Throughs of the Ice Age Cyle (The Gathering Dark, The Eternal Ice, and The Shattered Alliance).

Give me a few days. My upcoming work schedule will give me time to do a lot of clean up and catch up, and things will get rolling again.

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