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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Brothers' War - Chapter 33

The battle begins!

Chapter 33 - Tawnos and Ashnod

The Last Battle began at dawn with triskelions battling dragon engines battling avengers. War machines and transmogrants and clay statues and every type of machine each brother had come up with over the years fight in a cloud of chaos. Tawnos led a squad of Yotian soldiers and he darted through the battlefield unnoticed thanks to his wand . He sets his metal soldiers upon a group of Gixian Priests, and that's when everything goes wrong.

One of the Yotian soldiers turns on him and he barely dodges the attack. Another steps in seemingly to his defense, but Tawnos finds he's lost control over them. In fact, all across the battlefield allied machines have turned against each other, and by the scattered bodies littering the field, it appears that whatever is happening began after all the human soldiers, mechanics, and scholars were all killed.

Tawnos sees a familiar red-haired face and runs to her. Ashnod has no idea what's going on either and she gladly accepts an invitation to escape towards Urza's camp. Overhead, a flying dragon engine eyes them and swoops on down for the kill, only to turn away at the last second.

"Something you did?" said Tawnos, but Ashnod only shook her head. Then a third voice spoke up.

"No, that was me."

The creature laughs when she calls it a demon. He says he controls everything now. The machines that survive will have proven worthy to be taken back to Phyrexia. But first Urza and Mishra will die today... as well as their students.

Ashnod turns her staff upon him and he's impressed as how much more powerful she's become over the years. Ashnod tells Tawnos to take her backpack and take it to Urza. She says to tell him that he has to fill the bowl with memories of the land. He has to if this thing is here.

"Go, Baby Duck!" she shouted, and redoubled her effort. The demon staggered back a few paces but then resumed his slow progress forward.

Tawnos grabbed the pack and turned, running for the base camp. Behind him the demon screamed and Ashnod cursed. Then their voices were lost in the clanging din of the mechanized battlefield.

* * *

Good plan?

I suppose as long as Gix killed all the humans, it doesn't matter if the machines turn on each other. Gix has pretty much already won. All that's left in his way is Ashnod, and it's hard to believe she'll be able to stand up to him for long. Is his the last we see of our red-headed viper? That would actually be pretty sad. Just one brief moment where Ashnod and Tawnos are openly working together on each others' side... and then she's gone.

(If this is the last we see of her... which might actually be better for the world as a whole if human experimentation is to be more than frowned upon.)

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