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Friday, December 2, 2011

Future Sight - Epilogue

Time to say good-bye.

Future Sight - Epilogue

It's time to go. The rifts are healed and mana is returning to the land. Teferi is ready to discover what's left of Zhalfir. There are supposedly some clusters of Suq'Ata and Femeref left. He's not sure how they'll receive him, but he's going to find out. He thanks Jhoira for everything she's done for him over the years, and next time they meet they can go over a list of every stupid thing he's ever said to her. He turns to Venser and wishes him luck on his journeies throughout the multiverse, and asks a favor:

"My favor is this: Share what you have learned with others. There have to be more beings like you and Radha out there. They will be as diverse and as  different as you are from Radha, but they will have the same potential. If you meet them, if it's possible, encourage them to develop their skills. Help them to be planeswalkers, but also help them be what they can be, what they want to be. most importantly, help them be what they ought to be."

He bids them farewell, makes a bow, walks away before they can reply.

Venser and Jhoira watch in silence until Teferi disappears out of sight beyond a dune, then she turns and asks him for her own favor. She wants to keep the ambulator. He says that of course she can keep it, she designed it as much as he did. He asks her when she wants to leave, and she says, "Now."

(LOL. No more use for him so... "Can I have your stuff?")


Radha walks back into her camp, pleased to see they're still there waiting for her. Dassene welcomes her and takes her to the command tent and Skive. He tells her that the boy and Skive have healed for the most part, but they had to dispose of the frost giant's heart. It was beginning to rot. She says they'll just have to get another, and maybe this time she'll sit in on the boy's lessons. When spring comes they'll take the elves to a suitable new home that's better than the abandoned town by the beach. Radha then greets the boy, and after she's able to convince him that it's really her, she tosses him up on her shoulders and says they need to go address the warhost. When she leaves the tent, word had spread of her return, and cheers greet the warlord.


Jhoira walks up the cabin that wasn't too hard to find. She's nervous like she's never been in a long time. Jodah opens the door and he tells her to come inside. She says she needs to ask him a few things first. She's read a lot about Jodah and there are some things about his story that don't quite mesh right. She pulls out the silver mirror he tried to give to Freyalise, and he confirms that he built it after Jaya Ballard died. She tells him that she's never come across any records of Jaya Ballard's death. His story doesn't match.

He's Jodah, but not their Jodah right?

He says that he doubts that the true story of this world's Jodah ever matched what history has said of him either. Jhoira says she might not know the Jodah of history, but she knows the man in front of him and would like to know him even more.


Venser thinks it fitting that he begin his first interplanar journey here, where Dominaria's history began. He doesn't know where he'll end up or how he'll be received but he is going to do this.

He had spent his whole life preparing to travel, and now he had the means and the opportunity. There was an entire Multiverse out there, full of people he could teach and learn from. He wasn't immortal, he wasn't omnipotent, but he was a planeswalker.

* * *


There was talk about Venser looking forward to Teferi teaching him about planeswalking. Is that it? That bit he told him in Yavimaya? "Here's your five minute lesson. Now you've graduated!" Shoudln't Venser be briefed about what he can expect, dangers to look out for, how to recognize inhospitable planes, how currency works in other places, how to not stick out like a sore thumb and get taken advantage of and/or become hunted down for being different, recommendations for nice places to visit as starter planes, etc?

Jhoira and Jodah

I'm not fond of this. I get that they're both immortal, but for the most part I didn't see any attraction between them. The bit about him being from an alternate timeline does add another connection to parallel universes besides just the Gathans, so that was nice. I'd rather have their relationship make more sense though.

Blind Boy

So he really does have no name. Is he supposed to become someone important eventually and they didn't want to name him just yet because names can change up to the last minute until a card is made? Maybe when we return to Dominaria we'll finally have the big pay off for the blind boy, because he really didn't seem to have much purpose to the story, and his talent in magic just came out of nowhere.

That's it!

Not my favorite book of the trilogy. It was pretty good though. I do like that it ended on this epilogue and not the previous chapter. Ending with Venser stepping out into the multiverse and ending on the hope of possibility after all the darkness and desperation is kind of cliche but still kind of nice.

Non-Spoiler Review to come in a few days when I have my day off of work. 

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