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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Brothers' War - Chapter 16

What has become of Yotia?

Chapter 16 - Aftermaths

It took a month for Urza and Sharaman to make it out of the desert and acquire some ornithopters to fly back to Kroog. They arrive to find nothing left of the city except the walls. The whole city was burned down and anything that didn't burn was leveled by the dragon engines. Sharaman watches as Urza finds the location of where his orniery used to be and dig through the rubble.

When the lieutenant tells him that people who are starting to come in through the gates want to know what they should do, Urza has nothing to tell them. They should go and follow someone who hasn't so completely failed them. Mishra has finally followed something all the way through.

Then Urza notices the boy waiting nearby and Sharman says he claims to be one of his students. In fact, he's the brother of the student that master Tawnos sent with the ornithopter . Sanwell tells Urza about his brother's instructions to find safe landing, that he was to go all the way to Argive if necessary. But as for where Tawnos and Kayla went, no one knows.

When he was done, Urza rose, and there was a new fire in his eyes. "So, my brother," he said, "you didn't finish this, either."

He commands Sharaman to take the forces south and fortify the ports. Sanwell will be going with him to recover his work so they can begin again. And this time there will be no second chances or offers of mercy.

...Caves of Koilos...

There are new visitors to the caves. A people from a little known monastery that worship the power of the Thran and their devices. The dreams had told them to come and they obeyed with an fanatical fervor. Only a dozen had survived the trip through the desert, and they walk on down to the chamber down below and place their glowing sacred stones into the machine. The room lights up and they press the glyphs in the metal book just like the dreams had instructed.

The monks of the Brotherhood of Gix watch as a door opens up and they bow down before the creature that steps through. The creature, they realize, that sent them the dreams. They ask it what they should call him by so they can better serve.

The machine being's lips whirred as they formed themselves into a smile. "Gix," it said at last, in a voice only Mishra and Ashnod had heard before. "You may call me... Gix."

* * *


As in Ring of Gix ! I forgot he was in this story. I assume that the Yawgmoth demon and Gix and one and the same, just that Gix had yet to be given a name at the time that Antiquities was created.

Urza, Warlord

Mishra better watch out. Urza was caught off guard, and was reaction on his emotions alone. But now that he's let his rage out, and moved past the brink of giving up, there is no doubt that Urza will be coming after his brother with not just his rage, but back with his intellect as well. The time for sneak attacks may be over.

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