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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Purifying Fire - Chapter 9

Gideon and Chandra on the dark, dark plane of Diraden.

The Purifying Fire - Chapter 9

"I wasn't sure you'd still be alive. That was some walk you took." Gideon's voice was dry.

Gideon had followed her here. Not only is she surprised to discover that he's a planeswalker, but the fact that he was he was able to follow the erratic path she took to get here is quite impressive. Chandra accuses him of stealing her scroll, and he mostly ignores her and instead voices his observations about this place that they're in and wants her to tell him what she knows. She tells him what she learned from Jurl, and she tells him that if he doesn't like this place so much that he should just leave.

With a knowing smile he says that she still hasn't realized what kind of situation they're in. Neither of them can leave. Something is blocking access to mana.

Chandra opens up a bit more and tells him everything she knows about Prince Valrev. Together they wonder how he's shrouded the whole plane in eternal night, and they know they'll have to work together, even though it takes Chandra a few moments to accept that's how things really are.

Chandra tells him that if they're going to work together, then he has to agree to some rules first.

"I won’t return to Kephalai. You will not take me back there. You will not trick me or manipulate me into going there again."


"Nor will you inform the Prelate, her forces, or any other inhabitants of Kephalai where I go when I leave here."

"Agreed," he said.
"You will not betray me to Prince Velrav or his minions in order to secure your own escape, and you will not prevent me from leaving this plane."

Gideon is quick to agree, and Chandra believes he means it. And then Gideon has conditions of his own. First, she has to agree to at least attempt to think before she acts. At least as far as she's capable of it. He knows her brashness has gotten her into trouble before. Second, she's not to kill anyone that isn't a danger to them. When she asks how they decide who is and isn't a danger, he says that he'll be the judge of that. He doesn't want any innocents to die, and she can be a little reckless. Since Chandra doesn't want to kill innocents either, she agrees to that as well.

With that out of the way, Gideon suggests that the first thing they do is find out who's watching them. As soon as he says that, Chandra sees Jurl leap over a stone wall and attack Gideon while something knocks her over from behind.

Chandra finds herself being repeatedly slammed into the ground. Without access to her fire spells, she yells out that she surrenders. The goblin is so confused by this turn of events that his momentary pause is all that Chandra needs to get out from under him and bash his head in with a rock.

Jurl sees the condition of his friend, and so he turns and runs. Gideon yells at Chandra to get down, and he takes that metal whip of his and swings it over his head a few times and then releases. His weapon hits its mark and wraps itself around the goblin.

"Chandra!" the goblin said in a familiar-sounding voice. "Don't kill!"

She sighed. "Hello, Jurl. We meet again."

* * *


Cliche, but reasonable. But what's with Gideon? Was he sent by Mother Luti? He seems to know a lot about Chandra. Or maybe he's been sent by Walbert. He is White-aligned after all.


His niceness was too good to be true. Looks like when he said, "Wait here," he wasn't going out to get food. He was going out to recruit a friend to help kill Chandra so they could eat her.

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