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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Planar Chaos - Epilogue

Book Two complete.

Planar Chaos - Epilogue

It's been days since Karn's disappearance, and through the whole time Venser has been jumping from rift to rift all over Dominaria. From Madara to Otaria, to Yavimaya, to Zhalfir. There is no sign of Karn .

He arrives back at his workshop where Jhoira is making adjustments to the ambulator, and he tells her and Teferi that the only good news is that the unnatural ice age is receding.

There is no Karn, but the mission isn't over. The Zhalfir rift is next in line, and they need to recruit new allies. Their list of friendly planeswalkers is running out. Teferi tries to take charge but the other two make it clear that he can come along, but things are going to be different now.

Then a lighting bolt strikes, and a woman with red hair, leather armor, and defiant stare appears in its wake.

Venser muttered from the side of his mouth. "Planeswalker?"

Jhoira kept her eyes on the wild-eyed woman. "Almost certainly."

Teferi nodded "Definitely."

The woman put her hand on her sword. "My name is Jeska . I'm looking for Karn," she said. "And I know this is the last place he came. Where is he?"

Venser clenched his fists and teeth tight. His life had indeed been much simpler before he met Jhoira and Teferi.

* * *


It was pretty clear that Jeska was still available and I hadn't forgotten about Zhalfir. In fact we very conveniently have been given a list of all the remaining Dominaria rifts. I assume that exponential healing process means that once those rifts are dealt with, the rest of the multiverse will be healed. One more book to go. I'm ready.

One Last Thing

There is one big disappointment I've had from this book. Not from something it did, but something that it didn't do. The cover totally tricked me. Before I began reading this, I totally thought that was Mishra sitting there. Even after the reveal that it was Venser's ambulator, I was still hoping for Mishra to appear somewhere. With alternate realities going on, and because of how central Urza was to the official timeline, having Mishra appear during this swan song to the planeswalkers of the past seemed like such a perfect fit. That Venser sitting there looks way too confident and evil that I had a hard time believing it was Venser. Perhaps that's meant to be Venser possessed by the Weaver King.

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