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Friday, November 4, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 27

Venser is trapped and alone. What will happen with him and the Weaver King?

Planar Chaos - Chapter 27

It is possible to change the past, but Karn doesn't like doing it. He's only done it the one time, but he can't help but feel that everything that has happened since is his fault. But for this moment in time, right before Barrin is about the destroy the entire island, any Phyrexian that Karn kills was going to be killed anyway, and so he unleashes his anger. The sight of so many innocents dying it too much. It's time to destroy some Phyrexians.

...The Blind Eternities...

The Weaver King is confident he's won. Venser can hear it in his voice. There has to be a way out of this, but none of his options seem acceptable. When he feels the Weaver King probing his mind, Venser does a short short 'walk to sever the contact, and the Weaver King just laughs and tells him that it's good that Venser is exercising those muscles so he won't have to train them himself later.

If Venser stalls long enough, maybe Karn will return in time, but no... that won't work. Jhoira and Teferi would be killed by then.

Venser feels his strength vanish and his body go limp. He calls out to the Weaver King and tells him to just get it over with. He wins.

The Weaver King giggled as he closed in for the finish. Venser could almost see him through the fog of pain and drowsiness, a skeletal figure with a wild shock of braided, orange hair. His skull-like features were twisted in a slavering grin of hunger and triumph.

Venser pulls out the powerstones from his pouch and presents them to the Weaver King. Then when Weaver King thanks him for what on the surface seems like an offering, Venser teleports away, taking away just a sliver of each stone, while leaving the rest behind.


Venser pauses to listen for the giggling to return, and when he's satisfied the Weaver King is gone, he returns to wait for Karn.

(More on this later.)

...Venser's workshop...

Dinne still has Johira by the throat when the Weaver King vanishes from his mind. He's not sure exactly who these people are in front of him, but they mean nothing to him so he turns around and leaves.

(More on this too.)

...The past...

Karn has had his fill killing Phyrexians and it's time. He takes a look at the rift and is confident that it won't take all his power to seal. Or even most of it. Karn teleports directly to the rift and begins to force it into submission.

Venser calls out to him.

I'm here Venser. I am almost through. It has not been easy, but- No. Urza's eyes no!

Karn? Karn! What went wrong?

I did, Karn thought. Long ago. An enemy I created has finally destroyed me. Then, to Venser, he sent, Never give up, Venser. Nothing is impossible. You have much to do. I regret that I will not be there to assist you.

Karn? Wait! Tell me what-

If you see Jeska , Karn said. Tell her not to follow me. None of you should. Not ever.

Karn flickers in and out of the Blind Eternities to obscure his trail and disappears.

* * *

Weaver King and Blind Eternities

I am confused about his powers, even now that we're at the end of the book. When he first grabbed sight of Skyshroud by looking through Jodah's eyes, I was thinking that he could travel his invisible strings that he ties to each person and just hop place to place that way, but he ended up needing to ride the ambulator to get there. He still has a body.... so shouldn't it still be in Skyshroud?

But Venser sees him in the Blind Eternities, so I guess he can ride along those mental strings and not just see through his servant's eyes. Aren't the Blind Eternities supposed to kill anyone who isn't a planeswalker if they don't have the protection of the ambulator? How did he even get there in the first place if Karn didn't planeswalk him there?  

Maybe the Weaver King only made Venser see an image of him in his mind. But if it was only an image, then the explosion due to the powerstones wouldn't have killed him. So I don't get it.

At least we did see that some forms of magic/energy can hurt Dinne, so a high energy blast does make some sense as to how it could kill him, and it was nice that Venser needed to pause and wait to actually make sure it could kill him because he wasn't sure himself.

Dinne, the Sane?

What happened to Dinne's bloodlust? Was it only tied to the Weaver King's influence? It seemed like the Weaver King was holding him back, so it's strange that he left so quickly after being freed, rather than at least kill Jhoira first since he had his hands around her throat.

His quick exit makes his one POV from earlier in the book even more random. Although this is a minor point in a fantastic book.

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