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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 25

Two time rifts down, Tolaria is next.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 25

The Weaver King was ordered to send his armies against the two planeswalkers, and now the two are gone. Just when he thinks he's once again to do as he will, the mysterious voice speaks up. He knows the deal, he'll do whatever he is asked, all the while waiting for the right opportunity to strike out against his targets. Sooner or later one of them will slip up and become vulnerable.

...Venser's workshop...

The Urborg rift is healed. It had happened so fast. They were eating one moment, then Teferi tells them that they should go outside.

Karn appears and tells them that he understands that it's now his turn. He has to travel back in time just moments before Barrin, Master Wizard cast his spell that destroyed the island. The time rift needs to be healed before any attempt at the second rift can be made.

The nature of time travel is a tricky there. There is a lot of natural strain when anyone leaves their current place in the present. Even if Karn gives up all of his power do destroy the rift, which he does not believe he will have to do, and if all that's left of him is his silver golem body that he used to be, he doesn't need to find a way to return them because time will pull him back with no effort on his part.

Karn turns to Venser and asks him to come along. Not through time itself, only Karn's silver body has been designed to resist that stress, but to go with him halfway. To the Blind Eternities. Karn says he would love to examine him during the event, and he would love Venser to have the chance to witness the event more closely with Karn updating him every step of the way. Venser will be one of many of a new guard of planeswalkers. He needs to be exposed to the the Blind Eternities without the protection of the ambulator and experience it first hand. It's something he'll have to do eventually if he plans to 'walk the planes. The concept is frightening, but the idea of witnessing such a monumental event such as this one too hard to resist and Venser agrees.

Teferi chimes in and says he would like to come as well. Venser doesn't need the ambulator, so it would be free for him to use. Jhoira and Karn give Venser meaningful looks, and he suspects they know he removed the two powerstones earlier and want that to be kept secret. Venser agrees to show Teferi how the ambulator it works, but when they examine the machine... well... it turns out that "something" is wrong and it'll take time for it to be fixed. Something they don't have. Jhoira tells Teferi that maybe instead of going to with Karn and Venser, maybe they can take this time to finally have a talk and settle things between them.

* * *

Time Travel

I've always liked Magic's time travel rules. You try to go forward or backward in time and every step gets harder as it tries to pull you back. The resistance increases like pulling on an elastic band. It not only limits how many people can do it and discourages it from happening often, but it also places limits as to how far in time that people can travel. So there's no going back in time to kill the first living thing in Dominaria or anything extreme like that. That's quite a tidy way to keep these near ominipotent beings who can jump from plane to plame from jumping from time to time and making things too complicated, confusing, and messy.

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