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Monday, November 7, 2011

Future Sight - Prologue

New villains step out of the shadows.

Future Sight - Prologue

A hooded figure waits on the beach in Madara, where the Talon Gates stand proud. He wasn't here waiting for anyone, or anything, to travel through the gate, but something's approaching, something that has a strong aura of black mana and he decides to wait and greet it. He's no stranger to black mana himself. If it became an ally or enemy, it doesn't much matter to him. In the end, he would use it as a resource for his own power.

Six disembodied hands materialized in the air just over his head. They floated with their fingers pressed together and their pale palms facing him. Slowly, the emaciated hands formed themselves into a rough circle with the fingertips of each barely touching the wrist of its neighbor.

A female voice speaks and greets him and knows him to be the planeswalker Leshrac, known as the Walker of the Night. He addresses the porcelain mask that appears within the circle, and asks who it is that addresses him. She identifies herself to be Night itself. Everything that exists in or thrives on darkness serves her and receives her blessings.

"I have heard of you, O Night. But I forged my own path to power without your help. Sadly, I must reject any claims you've come to make on me."

My most accomplished acolytes often do.

She knows that he's here to observe the rift, and she will grant more blessings upon him if he accomplishes a specific task. Great events occurred here long ago, but now her enemy Nicol Bolas is free once more. He too knows of the danger to the multiverse and seems to be traveling from plane to plane in haste, trying to settle old debts. He will return here eventually, and return distracted. That will be the perfect time to prey upon his weakness and inattention and a great opportunity for Leshrac to claim the dragon's power for his own.

She takes a hand to her mask and pulls off an identical copy and tells him she presents it to him as a gift and then tells him she must leave. As she fades away he guesses right that she must be on the run. She solidifies once more and tells him he's right. The dragon's pursuit is relentless, he has turned her own acolytes against her, and that she no longer has the power to defeat him. But she has just provided Leshra with enough of her own power for him to do so.

She leaves and he decides that maybe he will help her. She is a being of pure mana, and after he defeats the dragon, he will continue where the dragon leaves off. If the artifact has no obvious traps, he already has in mind the perfect person to test it.

* * *

The Voice?

I take it that Leshrac is the voice that gave the Weaver King his commands. It was a black aligned planeswalker, and here we're presented with one in the very first chapter. If he has someone in mind to do his bidding, either the Weaver King isn't actually dead, or Dinne is his new toy. A more distant third option would be someone new entirely. Book Two didn't seem to add too many new characters, and with Leshrac stepping out into the open after his tease in Planar Chaos, I'm guessing it has to be the Weaver King or Dinne.

Once more we have characters from the Ice Age and Kamigawa (Leshrac and Night) that I have little background with. So going into this book they'll be brand new to me, and I won't be having expectations thanks to nostalgia when reading about them.

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