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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 9

Here he is. Multani, Maro-Sorcerer.

Future Sight - Chapter 9

Jhoira and Terferi find themselves in a clearing with fog so thick they can barely see six feet in front of themselves. Wait... is it a clearing at all? Jhoira isn't sure they're actually in Yavimaya. The forest had once trapped the planeswalker Urza in a special prison. This might be a similar situation. The only thing they're sure about is that the rift is here.

The fog begins to part and green shoots spring up in front of them, growing into a massive wall with colored berries growing and falling off the vine at a breakneck speed, forming clear patterns that eventually settle on displaying Multani's face. Multani did say he was having trouble speaking with them. This must be his compromise.

The image changes to show the history of Multani and Yavimaya, beginning from the Invasion when Multani took the fight to Urborg, to how a century later the creation and death of Karona disrupted his connection to that other island, to how a sickly yellow growth formed in the forest and seemed to warp and deform all the life around it.

The growth is the rift. The first rift formed at the end of the Brothers' War. Once it became a threat, Multani was sent to face it. The struggle has been going on for decades... and he's losing.

"How can we help you?"


Teferi's a little bit more optimistic with the situation. Considering the length of time Multani has been locked in combat with the rift, there's no telling what kind of knowledge he has about it that they can use. And considering he went straight for Venser when they arrived, he must have sensed something in the artificer that can help. They just have to trust him.


Venser wakes to find himself completely encased in wood. As if he's stuck in a hollow, vertical log. Teleporting anywhere close by could be risky, but he feels as if he can take himself to the beach pretty safely. The problem is that when he tries, his power doesn't come to him.

Then Venser notices music... and a song...

Cleave to us, O marsh-reared child.
Join with us to full restore
Freedom's strength and Nature's sway.

Break the chains, ope wide the door.
Thwart the aberration's grip,
Answer now our folly's need.
Cleave to us, marsh-reared walker.
Pluck the fruit and plant the seed.

Venser calls out and says he doesn't understand. The only response is a repeat of the song. It repeats again and again, and Venser says that he's not a planeswalker. That he has no magic.

That finally gets through to his captor and the song stops mid-sentence. A voice in his head tells him he understands now, and he realizes he's made a mistake. The floor of his prison drops out and Venser falls, but in a way that doesn't feel like falling. When he touches down, Jhoira and Teferi call out to him. Venser tells them what he knows and Jhoira puts it together.

"Multani is asking for our help." Both men turned to her, and she said, "He asked Venser to release something. He showed us how he and the rift have grown together."

"But what does it all mean?" Venser said.

"It seems obvious to me." Jhoira folded her arms. "I think Multani wants us to cut him free."

* * *

Multani, Rift Keeper

Oh Multani. Oh, the great Multani. What is it that he understands about the rift? Looking back at what I wrote for Chapter 4, I don't think I made it clear enough that Leshrac's plan is to use Venser and Radha as filters to shield them from the rifts as they seal them. Is this something that Multani sense as well? Leshrac seemed to imply that the filters wouldn't survive the process. Would Multani sacrifice someone that is only a stranger to him, to defeat an enemy that he's been struggling with for decades, that seems impossible to defeat on his own?

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