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Friday, November 11, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 4

A familiar face returns!

Future Sight - Chapter 4

Dinne takes a look at his new surroundings. His orders are to find the nearby camp and watch and observe. The orders are simple and were delivered with a minimum of effort. It was a very different style than his old master and Dinne found that to his liking. He found the pain his master delivered to him to his liking as well. It's been so long since he's felt anything. The pain made him more sharp, feel stronger, and feel a sense of self that he had long forgotten. Acquiring his full payment would be wonderous.

Dinne walks into the camp unseen, past the emaciated elves and the over muscled barbarians. He crept through the eclectic but organized camp until he finds a position in front of the entrance to the largest tent, and waits.

Soon a lizard creature and a dark-skinned woman missing two fingers from her left hand appears.

"The sun rising puts her in a foul mood. Did you ask her about that cursed thing?"

The woman shook her head sadly. "She won't leave it. She says he needs it."

"He doesn't."

"She says he does."

"It'll be full-on winter in a few weeks. It'll be more than cold enough."

"But it's not cold enough now."

The lizard-man hissed. "The bearers can only carry it for half a day, then they can't do anything else for the next two. It's slowing us down."

They go on back and forth with the lizard creature insisting they need to take care of the mysterious item while the woman insists they carry on as is.

A voice yells out their names from the tent and a large elf-woman appears. His target. Radha of Keld . She tells them to keep an unknown person in the tent from falling asleep. She says that his training is over for the day, but they need to make sure he's kept warm. She gives them orders to break camp in the morning. She's going to sort out the elves.


Lesharac continues on telling Jeska much of what she already knows. What he adds though, is that Teferi's way is the wrong way. Thanks to him there are fewer rifts, but they're stronger now. His very method of feeding a planeswalker to each will soon make it so that his method will no longer be a solution. And where are they even going to find more planeswalkers who will willingly sacrifice themselves? Not he. And surely not herself. Why would any of them want to die?

He's not wrong. There's no point in trying if it's not going to work. He goes on and tells her that what they must do may mean harming a few innocents, but in doing so, everyone else may live. It's for the greater good. The key is through Venser and this elf named Radha and other's like them.

Jeska asks how that's possible. She's only heard of Radha from the others, but she's seen Venser, and he has no power. He tells her that it's his potential that matters. Nicol Bolas recognized that potential and used it to pull himself back here. They will tap into that same potential and solve what Teferi cannot.

Jeska tells him still still hasn't decided if it's even a problem that's hers to face. He counters that the problem is something they will all have to face soon enough, but he can see she needs more time to think it over and he'll leave her to her thoughts.

With the planeswalker gone, Jeska travels to the location of her birth. It was empty and abandoned, but the story wall was still there. Her and her brother had been famed warriors that earned a lot of silver and gold for the tribe by gaining a reputation as fearsome pit fighters. But it also recorded her rise and fall and had inscribed upon it the name that Leshrac had referred to her by many times. Thrice-Touched by Infinity.

She knew Leshrac was only feeding her half truths, but she wishes she hadn't chased him away so quickly. It would have been better to know the details of his plan. But maybe she could learn some of those details on her own without his truth filter in the way. He said Radha was perfect for their goals, even more so than Venser. It is time to pay her a visit.

* * *


It looks like we're going to have plenty more POVs from Dinne il-Vec. His elevated importance in this book may be the reason for the guest appearance POV in Chapter 10 of Planar Chaos, but I still feel that section was a bit unnecessary. We can see all the changes in him just fine from this starting point.


She's back! I thought her story was done, but now her use as a red herring in Book Two as a potential candidate for who would take care of Skyshroud makes more sense. It was a way to keep her in our minds because she's be returning for Book Three.


Does he really just want to seal the rifts? That can't be it, but he does seem fairly reasonable. I like that planeswalkers aren't all just jumping at the change to sacrifice their power and/or their lives without first trying to seek other options to saving the multiverse.

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