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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 3

Jeska meets Leshrac.

Future Sight - Chapter 3

As a planesalker, Jeska can go anywhere she wants, but if she's going to contemplate on everything she's been told she decides it's time to return to her homeland of Otaria. Karn may truly be lost, and Teferi is right when he said that Karn would want her to continue his work.... if it is something that's actually worth pursuing.

Jeska goes home, and what she sees is horrible.

This isn't the Otaria she once new. The forests are burning, there are wars throughout the land, and the great Cabal City that was the center of commerce and entertainment has fallen. And the mana... it's all depleted. The mana all over Dominaria is depleted.

Jeska moves from one location to another and travels down memory lane, recalling horror after horror that happened while she was still mortal. Memories of her brother and where it all went wrong. Memories of becoming a god.

An unfamiliar planeswalker appears by her side, interrupting the moment. While she hasn't met too many planeswalkers in her life, she knows enough that meetings amongst planeswalkers don't often end well. However he claims all he wants it to share information. His words are too smooth, and he's up to something, but he's insistent enough and not acting in any threatening way that Jeska decides it does no harm to listen. She can always decide to ignore him later... or attack.

I don't know you, Leshrac, but you seem evil to me. And not just because you draw black mana to you."
"Evil? And what constitutes evil to a Pardic warrior?"

"Scheming," Jeska said. "Selfish."

Leshrac nodded. "I will not deny I am that."

"Dishonest. Consumptive. Cruel." She ticked off the examples on her fingers. "Indirect. Cowardly." Jeska sneered as her thoughts turned inward to memories and regrets. "Political."

He agrees he's all these things, and yet what he has to talk to her about is still important. It will benefit him, but it will benefit everyone else as well. He points to the rift and tells her he knows how to fix it.

* * *


What does he have planned? Where does Dinne play into all this? What does he want with Jeska? And how does Night and Nicol Bolas figure into all of this?

Obviously having another planeswalker give up their power means one less planeswalker to contend with, and one less rift to destroy the multiverse, so that can't be bad for Leshrac if he convinces Jeska to sacrifice herself. But how does it more directly benefit him? It doesn't seem like it's as simple as that. And when will he test out that mask? I assume it's still to be given to Dinne, but what is it going to do?

Lots of answers to look forward to. I very much like that it looks like in this book we might see the antagonist walking hand in hand with the heroes this time. The first book gave us the unreasoning Gathans that we saw from afar, the second book gave us insight into the mind of the Weaver King as he made his plans but he mostly kept his distance, and here in the third book we go one step closer and have the villain amongst the hero(es). That'll certainly contribute to the identity of this book as part of the trilogy and it will also allow for a different kind of suspense. Namely, when will Leshrac "betray" Jeska and/or when will Jeska discover Leshrac's turn intentions and end their alliance.

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