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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 22

The Otaria rift.

Future Sight - Chapter 22

Our heroes travel to Otaria and Teferi gets his first look at the Otarian rift. Nicol Bolas was right. The the rift has no solid substance to it, it's like a blanket not just across all of Otaria, but all of Dominaria and beyond. They can't tackle it through any of the methods that have worked before. No sacrificing a planeswalker or using Radha or Venser as a filter. Even using both of them together won't be enough.

Teferi tells them what he can about the rift, from the unique perspective he has, then Jhoira comes up with a plan. She tells them that the rift reminds her of Karona. While she was physically a single entity, her influence was global.

"[W]e have three planeswalkers here," Jhoira said. "Though Venser is not immortal or transcendent, and Radha's spark is still dormant. My plan is this: Venser can 'walk. Radha is permanently tied to Dominaria. And Jeska is intimately connected to this final rift. Together they represent the entire Multiverse: a physical world with its own magic, the potential to go from one world to another by stepping outside the physical world, and the inexhaustible supply of mana that permeates both the planes and the voids in between, the abstract power that connects it all. The Otarian rift can't be greater than the sum of these parts."

Jeska isn't sure that makes sense. She says that nothing magical could stand against Karona, the rift here is more powerful than the others. Their plan would be like stopping a flood with a bucket. Jhoira counters that she, Jeska, was once Karona and can become part of the rift again, as long as she has the aid of Radha and Venser.

They convince Jeska it's their only chance all all three actually seem eager to tackle the rift. Radha and Venser go so far as to make jokes about seeing each other in the Hells.

(More on this later.)

...Otarian Rift...

All the previous rifts seemed to be chaotic masses of energy that had to be conquered, but when Jeska takes Venser and Radha into the rift, they enter a very dream-like place. Visions of people, places, and events from throughout her life flashes before her each of them. Each of them see visions that pertain only to them. Through the telepathic link created by Teferi he explains that the rift is like a mass of unmolded magical energy that is being given shape by their thoughts. They ask what to do, and Jhoira tells them to go with their instincts. She says that they've been relying on instinct so far, and now it time to rely on hers at this critical moment.

(More on this later.)

That instinct is of course, to hit something.

Jeska hits a vision of Karn and it dissolves into dust. Teferi says it seems like its a good thing but considering the amount of visions they're all seeing, they need to be more efficient about it. They need to destroy them all. Jeska being swinging her sword in wide arcs and Radha joins in on the fun until all the visions are gone and they're left in a vast empty space.

In that space some of the vision particles rise up and form something else. Radha says she sees herself, and Venser chimes in that he sees the same. However Jeska lies. She tells them she sees herself, but what sees before her is a vision of Karona .

Teferi tells them to wait a moment to see what unfolds. Jeska's all too afraid she knows what's going to happen. She watches the Karnoa image move towards her.

Teferi, she said, things are starting to go wrong.


In the silence Teferi asks Jhoira if it's always like this. If there's always so much waiting and watching while momentous events seem to be beyond them. He apologizes to Jhoira when she tells him it's usually worse. She forgives him and takes his hand and gives it a squeeze.

* * *

Vision Killing

So what... they're killing their past/clearing the way of past mistakes/fighting their fears so they can truely find themselves in this moment of death? I'm not too fond of it being so literal.

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