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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 21

A plan of action.

Future Sight - Chapter 21

Jeska wakes and she apologizes to them all. They're quick to forgive her, understanding that she was under Leshrac's sway, but she's not that quick to accept a free pass. He manipulated her, but what he brought out was something that was already in her. Jeska tries to claim she will tackle the Otarian rift alone, but of course the others say they need her help. She's been acting on her own this whole time, maybe they can finally put all their knowledge together. Nicol Bolas said there is no way to fix that final rift, but there has to be. Together they'll accomplish it.

As for why Nicol Bolas told them the Otatrian rift is so diffuse, Jeska has an answer for that. It's because when she was Karona , she altered the leylines of magic across the plane. It is the reason all the rifts were networked together.

Jeska continues to insist that she must do this alone. This is her own fault because of her time as Karnoa. They try to tell her that Karona is not her, not Jeska. And she goes on and on about not really knowing who she is. Teferi let's her know that it takes a lot to keep a near ominipotent being grounded. He had help through Jhoira. She needs to allow them to help her.

Jeska caves in, but first there's one thing she needs to do. She picks up the Night's Reach mask and restores her power. They watch as she transforms from Jeska , to the paler and dark-haired Phage , and are relieved to see her transform back to Jeska again.

Theyr'e almost all set to go, except for one obvious thing. Radha wants to return to Keld.

Jeska gives her a heart to heart talk, using the knowledge they know of each other. Tells her that she has to remember she's not just of Keld anymore, but also Yavimaya. What affects Dominaria will affect everyone.

(As if Radha doesn't know this already.)

The speech works, and Radha claims she'll go just for the fact she doesn't want the tiny Jeska to show her up.

* * *

Identity Crisis

Oh my. Jeska and her identity crisis. Let's say I wasn't too thrilled about this chapter. Is it just because I enjoyed Radha's and Venser's confidence?

Venser has felt out of his depth this whole time, until he found the one thing he's good at could actually be useful. I think doubt can work for a character, but it's so odd to have it repeatedly come up so often with an all-powerful planeswalker. She feels so confident at times as a Pardic warrior and then other times she doesn't know who she is. I understand that Leshrac messed with her and that Radha proved she was the better warrior, but the whole scene of everyone having to convince her that they believe in her was a little much for me.

Perhaps if it was shorter and didn't last a whole chapter it wouldn've gone over better with me.

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