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Monday, November 28, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 20

Some final words from the Forever Serpent.

Future Sight - Chapter 20

The planeswalker duel is too fast for Jhoira and the others to track, but it ends with Nicol Bolas the victor and he descends to speak with them.

"Greetings," Bolas's voice boomed, but his tone was calm and relaxed. "I trust the custodians of Dominaria's future are all well?"

He has two things to discuss with them. First, he opens up one hand and drops Jeska and the Night's mask replica beside her. He has no quarrel with her, and the mask contains her stolen power. If she wishes to accept it or reject it, it makes no difference to him. As for the Madara rift, they are to leave it alone, it is his to fix.

"The Multiverse is cracked, but a great mending is ready to begin. Your efforts helped bring this about, but you have not yet achieved it. From here, the fissueres will spread and the Multiverse will adjust to their absence. Either way, nothing will be the same. Those who wield magic will find its nature altered. Those who wield the transcendent power of the Multiverse will be forced to surrender it back to its source. Dominaria may yet be destroyed and with it countless other planes," he said. "But I have prepared a suitable place for myself in that eventuality."

Nicol Bolas will fix the Madara rift... but not with his own power. Leshrac is his servant now and will be compelled to do the deed. As for their final rift in Otaria, he warns them that it is not like the others. It isn't concentrated in one location and is too spread out and diffuse to stop. He doesn't know if it's possible. He suggests that people who can leave Dominaria leave as soon as possible, and then gives Venser a knowing glance. Venser politely tells the dragon he will be staying, as does Radha when offered to be taken to his new home plane where she will be cherished as one of his favorites.

With everything said and done, Nicol Bolas sacrifices Leshrac to the rift and leaves Dominaria, possibly for good.

* * *

What a Classy Guy

This trilogy does such a great job of showing Nicol Bolas' expert skill in combat as well as his ruthless but quite noble nature. It is such a joy to see him on the page. He loves Radha's bloodlust, but wants her to join him willingly, freely gives Jeska the option to retain the power of Phage or leave it expunged from herself forever (Rather than keep the power for himself), and decides that the Madara rift is his responsibility and takes care of it. He's just one of the classiest villains there is.

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