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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 18

While the planeswalkers battle... the little folk have problems of their own.

Future Sight - Chapter 18

The others back away while Radha does her best to track her foe. He vanishes and she knows keeping still is a bad idea so she runs. Radha falls into a rhythm of dodging and ducking and rolling when he throws a spike. It soon became clear he doesn't does't teleport like Venser does. He's just quick and invisible. That means there are limits to where he can be.

He disappears again and she stands still this time and waits until... now! Something bites into her shoulder but her sword clangs against his armor. Success!

But then then Dinne stifles her satisaction.

Dinne slowly faded into view several yards from Radha. He spread his arms to show her the cut she had made across his chest plate. He vanished and reappeared in the same spot, holding the position he had struck. The armor on his torso was smooth and undamaged once more, and as Radha snarled in frustration Dinne cast four spikes at her in rapid succession.

What is she to do? Her wounds are adding up and he knows it. The longer the fight lasts the weaker she'll get and she won't be able to dodge him anymore. And he knows it. She could heal herself, but her brand of healing is quite painful and could incapacitate herself too long. This is how he beat Skive . And nearly killed the boy.

(Maybe the boy has to earn a name or something. He's clearly important to her, you'd think she'd think of him in a way other than boy.)

She feels him create a new slash across her back and is thankful he's sticking to his winning tactic and flees without a follow up. That would surely have killed her. She is left to defense alone, and that won't win the day. Any Keldon knows that.


She's not just a Keldon. Multani restored her connection to green mana. What if..?

Radha heals herself with nature magic and deliberately keeps her face aimed at the gash on her stomach as it heals. With her defenses down Dinne lunges with one of his spikes and Radha twists just enough that it lodges into her breast bone rather than pierces her heart. The force knocks her to the ground and she plays possum. At just the right moment she unleashes her green mana upon him.

Healing magic isn't something he expects, and if he realizes the effect that it has on him he makes no sign. Dinne's becomes whole. His transition from transition from Rath to Dominaria is complete. No more halfway state that's left him intangible.

Radha jams her broken sword through his neck. She let's go and and he reaches for the handle but doesn't have the strength to pull it free.


(What!? We're going to still get a perspective from him while there's a sword through his neck!?)

Dinne is ready to deal the killing blow and then the elf's magic surrounds him and his senses are overwhelmed. He can smell the sea and feel the breeze. Leshrac must have fulfilled his promise. He sees the blade come at him but it's like it's happening to someone else. He feels the full sensation as the blade is driven into his neck.

His hands are slippery and he knows pulling at the sword is hopeless. He reaches out towards her. If only he can get his hands around her neck and feel her die before he does too.


That's for Skive, but she isn't done yet. She waits until she knows his body understands that it's dead, then pulls out one of her tear shaped blades and slashes him across his eyes. That's for the boy. She kicks him onto his back, spits in his face, and now she unleashes the fires of Keld.

* * *

Wow, That Was Graphic

I supposed if anything was going to be graphic, it was going to be a Radha victory. I thought I was going to go into this chapter just wanting to skip ahead and read about the Planeswalker duel, but this was a great fight.

It was a little bit corney at how she suddenly remembers about her green mana. As soon as she was thinking how she could possibly spend the time to heal herself with her red mana abilities, I knew it was coming, but it was still great to read when she finally did it.

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