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Friday, November 25, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 17

Planeswalker standoff.

Future Sight - Chapter 17

Nicol Bolas is coming, just like Leshrac planned. Over twenty-five thousand years old, he was a dragon of innumerable victories and untold power. Leshrac plans to beat him and he will be the ruler of what is left of the multiverse after the rifts do what they will.

Jeska tells him he's a fool, but he replies that this whole thing has been carefully planned out, and so far everything's gone quite well. She has fallen into place and so will Nicol Bolas. Does she even know that this is where he began? Nicol Bolas' true rise to power? He is the cause of this rift. This is the site of Dominaria's very first planeswalker duel over twenty-thousand years ago, and what planeswalkers they were. Dragon versus leviathan. The duel lasted an entire month and the face of this world was devastated. In the end Bolas destroyed the leviathan's mind, and with his mind gone, the demonic leviathan could no longer cast his spells. All but one final strike that clashed with Bolas' own, and that's what created the rift.

His opponent was so huge that it took over a year for Nicol Bolas to consume him all. Its flesh was filled with magical energy and every mouthful added to the dragon's already considerable power. When he was done be terrorized other planes, but he always returned her to dine on Madara's mana. And now he's returning once again, and she has a part to play yet.

Nicol Bolas appears and Leshrac makes no secret of his presence. He increases his size to match that of the dragon and they talk. They have a little spat over Radha first. Bolas lays claim to the elf and Leshrac concedes her to him if she survives his assassin. But soon after, it's clear things are going to come to blows.

"A formal duel, then? In accordance with our stature?"

"Indeed. As a courtesy to you and in keeping with the exalted nature of this contest, I shall observe the proper decorum." He flapped his massive wings and spiraled high over the shore. "Leshrac, Walker of the Night. I challenge you to a duel."

Leshrac accepts and then presents the mask of Night's Reach to the dragon. He tells him that he's already used it to strip Phage's power from Jeska. He then goes on to say that while Phage could rot flesh with a single touch, it doesn't compare to Nicol Bolas' mental touch. When prompted, Nicol Bolas replies that he's defeated thousands upon thousands with that very method.

"To be sure. And your touch is even more formidable as Phage's. But as Night's face has stripped Phage of her greatest asset, it shall strip you of yours."

The mask flashes, distracting Nicol Bolas and Leshrac sets off his spells hidden in the spires of the Talon Gates. The spells had him paralyzed and Leshrac aims the mask at the dragon and it sucks away every bit of black mana from him. The mask is actually heavy with the amount of mana it took from him, and Leshrac laughs as he holds the mask up to his face and the power surges into his body.

So much power! He must be invincible. But no need to risk anything, he'll first set Jeska upon the weakened dragon and then clean up what was left. Leshrac commands her to attack, and she refuses...

Wait... that's not supposed to happen.

Nicol Bolas interrupts and tells him she cannot obey his commands. That Leshrac's hold over the piece of Karona's spirit that is Jeska is quite limited and that the dragon has bound her from interfering with their official duel so they can fight one on one as according to the ancient ritual. He admits that no one has ever harmed him as much as Leshrac has, but he's also never limited himself to just one area of magic. The mana of the mountains and the sea are also his. He will miss the power that's been stolen from him, but it's time for Leshrac to die.

The planeswalkers attack.

* * *

The Plan

Oh okay. I don't know how Leshrac knew exactly that mask sapped black mana, but the overall plan seemed reasonable enough. It was just kind of shocking that he'd tell Nicol Bolas exactly what he was doing. For a cautious person, he really needs to rub his victory in his victims faces.

Ancient Ritual

Haha, I love it! Who knew that Nicol Bolas liked to stick to tradition. I didn't. They've talked up his legend real well in this trilogy, but seeing him in action like this really places him on that level with me. I just hope the fight is going to be worthy of such a great set up! (And too bad that in all likelyhood we'll have to read a chapter of what's going on with the little people first.)

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