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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 14

Diving in to the mind of a planeswalker.

Future Sight - Chapter 14

Jeska float through the Krosan forest more at peace than she had been in centuries. Yes, there were all kinds of dangers in the forest, but there is just so much life. She can't remember how she got here, but does that matter? She's discovering the forest for the first time... she should have joined her brother here a long time ago. In fact, she is going to find her brother right now and stay by his side.


"I can see her," Multani said, his voice heavy with concern. "I can hear her and feel her, but I can't reach her. Every time I start to connect something breaks her concentration and I have to stat over. She's resisting me on a deep and primal level."

He asks for everyone to be ready, especially Rahda. He may need to borrow some mana from her.

...Dream Krosa...

Jeska can feel her brother up ahead, but all she can see are centaur tracks on the ground. Something was going on up ahead, and not the normal cycle of life and death. A magical combat is occurring and she can feel the taint of black mana that has no place within this forest and her brother is involved. If he is in trouble she's going to be there for him.


Something still fights against Multani and he's not sure if it's Jeska herself. It may be someone else. Someone very subtle and strong. He may need Radha's mana at any moment. This will be over soon.

...Dream Krosa...

There he is. Kamahl. With broadsword in hand, every swing of his blade cuts down all manner of jungle cats, crocodiles, and other creatures, coating the forest floor in blood. He looks like the  barbarian he once was and not the druid he became. He's completely surrounded but just laughs in a mad fury and a giant fireball bursts explodes from him..

He finally notices his sister and she asks him what he's doing. Why is he destroying his new home? He tells her that this is who he is. There's no point in fighting who you are. He may have been a druid for a time, and even liked it, but in the end his true nature will overcome all.

A centaur appears and fires his arrows but Kamahl just chases him down and shocks Jeska by cutting him in half. She just doesn't understand and he repeats that there is no point in resisting. This is how he has always been.

"You're a warrior, not a killer," Jeska said.

"Oh?" Kamahl's face lite up with unholy glee. "That's strange talk from you, Sister. After all, I killed you, didn't I?" He slid his sword out, effortlessly holding it in one hand. "Twice."

He tells her that no one can choose their family, but you can choose who remains alive. Jeska just stares as his sword changes into an axe and she knows what's coming. He says good-bye and tells her what an appointment she's been and swings his axe.


Jhoira can't tell what's going on, but watching Radha begin to back away can't be a good a sign.

"I failed," Multani said. "Run." The look on his face swept aside Jhoira's natural inclination to ask for more information, and she bolted to her feet. She was three paces away when Jeska exploded.

Multani is disintegrated and Jhoira is blown off her feet. The planewalker calls out a challenge to the Keldon elf and Radha is happy to oblige. Jhoira is racked with pain but struggles to rise. What can she really do against a planeswalker? All she knows is that she can't let Radha and their cause die alone.

* * *

Phage or Leshrac?

I think it's pretty clear that this is Leshrac taking a more active hand rather than hoping for Phage to bubble up from Jeska's personality once more. But of course I was sure that the last time it was Leshrac taking an active hand and I was wrong, so what do I know.

Jhoira, Martyr

Those are some ominous words from the Ghitu artificer. This is now the first time I've begun to think that she might not survive the trilogy.

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