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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Future Sight - Chapter 12

Our heroes reunite for the first time since Chapter 2 in the land where Zhalfir once was.

Future Sight - Chapter 12

Venser and company teleport to the shores of Zhalfir and it's immediately apparent why Teferi is so distressed. Up in front of the visible rift is Jeska seemingly offering up Radha to the phenomenon.

"She's using Radha to seal the rift," Teferi shouted. "But it's too soon. Zhalfir is not yet ready."

The wizard tells them they have to go up there and stop her while he tries to salvage the situation. Venser's concerned that he only get them up there, but he can't make them stay up there. They'll just fall. Teferi quickly answers with a crackling of his staff and a spell. Floating in the air, the Jhoira and Venser teleport ahead.

...By the rift...

Venser speaks up first and it's to Venser that Jeska responds, so Jhoira gives him insistent look that he be the one to keep her busy, keep her talking. He tells her this has to stop, and she needs to listen to them, but her only reply is for them to shut up and just watch. It's working.


The power is intoxicating. She could feel the struggle with the rift, and she could feel the shield that Radha was providing. It was trying to react to her and reach for her but it couldn't thanks to filtering all her actions through the elf.

In the moment between Jeska's achieving full control over the rift's substance and her unleashing her full fury on it, the world disappeared.

Jeska sees visions of Radha's life, feels Radha's emotions and struggle. The disdain in Radha's mouth when she tells the planeswalker to stop showing her visions and stop trying to compare herself to a warrior of Keld makes Jeska realize the visions are going both ways.

There are so many similarities between the two barbarians, but it's the contrasts that stood out. Every death by Jeska's hands brought her grief and remorse while Rahda was only filled with triumph. For second Jeska considers giving in to the Radha's wish to stop the pain and the others' pleads. She herself knew what it was like to be under the power of another, but this was Karn's mission was it not? She was loyal to him above all others and he wanted to seals the rifts. Jeska unleashes her full force upon it.

...Moments later...

Screams fill the air. The screams of Radha's pain, Teferi's anguish, and Jeska's triumph.

The rift is closed.

(What happened to her idea of coming up with an overall strategy? She didn't even take a look at the other rifts.)

A force of energy exploded from Rahda and from within the cloud of energy that appears, castles, marketplaces, and signs of civilization are clear as day. Then the cloud is sucked back into her and everything is gone. Venser and Jhoira failed to stop her, and when they teleport back to Teferi's side, they find tears streaming down his vacant face.

Jeska comes down to join them and while Jhoira scolds her, the planeswalker is too busy to revel in her accomplishment to care. The rift is closed and no one is dead. Radha may have been in some pain, but Jeska will heal up any wounds before moving on to the next rift. They should thank her.

Teferi yells at her hysterically. Doesn't she understand! Zhalfir is gone. The rift was supposed to be sealed with precise timing. They were to wait for Zhalfir to begin phasing back in! Now there is nothing!

Zhalfir is gone.

Jeska is taken aback for a moment. Just a moment. She expresses sorrow for his loss. She made a mistake but it was for the greater good. They now have a better method to saving the multiverse and she will not stop.

Jhoira hears Multani speak in her mind, telling her to send the planeswalker to him, and so Jhoira tells Jeska that she needs to listen to them. Tells her that if she won't stop, then at least she should take on the Madara rift next. Radha has a connection there. Jeska of course defies her suggestion just as Jhoira wants and tells them she'll be going to Yavimaya.

* * *

What happened to Strategy?

It must be Phage bubbling to the surface that making her forget her earlier stance that they needed to do some reconnaissance first against all the rifts before taking on a plan of action. So she sealed the rift without dying, she still sealed just one rift and that should make the other rifts stronger right? Wasn't that what she was criticizing Teferi about when they first met?

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