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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum - EPILOGUE

It's over!

Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum - EPILOGUE

Nissa leads the Joraga and at council meeting she looks upon what's left of her tribe and brings word of the scourge appearing on their western border at the Slim Blade. She tells them that half of them will be sent out to the location with bags, and she'll lead the party.

The trip takes two days, and in the corner of her eye she catches glimpses of Anowon stalking her.

She wished she had to worry about Sorin visiting. Once Anowan was dealt with, she tried to follow Sorin, but his trail was too fragmented. She had planeswalked through the Eternities and found his first couple of stops on rocky, seemingly abandoned planes. On another plane where every surface was as the surface of a pristine pond, she found an old human who said he had seen a white-haired stranger. But that was all. The thin, trail left when individuals walked through the æther had dissipated too much to be followed, and Nissa eventually gave up her search.
She would try again.

At the Slim Blade the effects of the Eldrazi passing is quite apparent. All the plant life is withered and dying, blackened husks of elven bodies litter the land, and even the air itself is orange and drained of life. The group slices open their bags and begins seeding the land with seeds of all types, more than she can recognize. Once the seeding is done they perform the growth song to restore their forest. Mana must return to the land.

Soon Nissa will travel the planes until she finds Sorin once again, Sorin and others that can help her seal away the Eldrazi once more. Her planeswalking can finally be of some use to her people.

"I am of those that walk the Blind Eternities," Nissa said, throwing out the seed.

* * *


I'm glad this is over. But first let's discuss the epilogue. What did this add? If we were meant to feel that Nissa is an idiot, and were meant to cheer that she failed so completely, watching her gain new insight into the whole situation isn't really something that we'd want to see. If we were supposed to be cheering for her all along, I suppose this at least puts her back on the path to redemption, but she's got a long hill to climb after being such an utter disappointment in Chapter 22.

And it looks like her living with the Tajuru really was part of her leadership training and she wasn't actually cast out from her tribe like it was stated in Chapter 3. That whole business was just to make it more dramatic that she was choosing to go on this mission for Zendikar and for herself, and not for any one group. If anything, this book is quite consistent with its inconsistencies.

Anowon, The Unnecessary

Not unnecessary for the book, but certainly for this chapter. Did we really one more appearance from him? I assume he's not hungry anymore... why is he stalking Nissa? There's nothing that she did that should compel him to get revenge on her, and let's not forget that her blood is poison to vampires because of the Joraga tincture that she takes. Maybe he was overcome with hunger in Chapter 22, but now he's had time to get a bite to eat. He has no reason to cross an entire ocean just to get to her. I can see some sense in putting in the epilogue for Nissa's sake, but the paragraph with Anowon should absolutely have been removed.

That's it!

That's how we end this thing. I definitely do not recommend this book to anyone.

Anyone Want to Sell Their Paperback Copy?

I read the Kindle version but am interested in getting the paperback version for completion's sake. To my surprise amazon.com doesn't have any copies themselves and buying a used copy from third parties costs $60-70! Clearly this is because the book is scarce because it didn't sell well, but that is not a price I'm willing to pay for a book this bad. (One absolutely insane person is pricing it at $1,979.95!) At most I would pay $15 + s/h. That's nearly twice the cover price. If people think they can sell it for $60 they're welcome to try, but if there is anyone who owns a copy and will meet my price, that's my offer. I'm not that obsessive that I'm willing to pay just anything.

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