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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum - Chapter 10

Danger on the Fields of Agadeem and beyond.

Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum - Chapter 10

Brood lineage of all three types charge at Nissa.

Nissa had a matter of moments before the flying ones were on her. She fell and put her forehead and palms on the ground and took a deep breath. In a moment, the vigor of life pulsed up through the dirt and shot up her veins and arteries and into her head.

And she was not the only one. Anowon charged forward and slashed savagely at one of the flying brood with his long-nailed hands. He bit and tore a head-sized chunk out of its tentacle.

Nissa formed an image in her mind. A moment later a shrill cry split the air and a huge, six-legged basilisk was blinking its oily black eyes in the sun. It swung its head and caught one of the flying brood by a tentacle and flipped it into a nearby hedron. The other brood fell on the lizard like a stone. The lizard hit the brood hard on the top of the head and threw it off into the weeds. From the way it hit the ground, Nissa could tell the brood was dead. The basilisk shook its head, tripped, and almost fell. But it did not, and a second later the brood on foot reached it.

(What just happened... basilik with a tentacle? A basilik throwing other creatures?)

Let's just say that Nissa and her basilik readily defeat her share of the brood lineage, and the fighting may or may not have included purposefully placing her stem sword in her arm pit before impaling one of the creatures through the chest.

All the vampires scramble up the ropes to the floating hedron stones above and leave our heroes behind. Nissa meets up with Sorin and is disgusted to see the body of a juvenile creature. Sorin sarcastically asks her what he was supposed to do with it, and she realizes he may be right.

They wanted Zendikar. They wanted to clear the trees and dig holes and suck on rocks.

(Exactly! Those evil rock suckers!)

As for Anowon. He's quite content studying what it was the that the vampires were being forced to do. It seems a large stone with ancient Eldrazi script was pushed up close to the new structure, and the writings from the old building were being copied on to the new building. He comes to the conclusion that the brood lineage can no longer write ancient Eldrazi and must rely on copies of words that might have great power.

Sorin's quite bored with this, and while he doesn't yawn, he does purposefully sniff as his two companions. He let's Anowon know they they need to head out to the port town of Zulaport. He's in a grumpy mood and both not feeling well and not looking well. When Anowon slips up and calls him master, Nissa recognizes it as a slip up but still can't be two and two together about Sorin's true nature.

Several leagues later they make it to the town, and decide to stay the night at the inn. The innkeeper Aleen says the kor and the goblins have to sleep in the stables because of their smell, and the vampire has to pay double.

(Apparently he can't tell that Sorin's a vampire either. I guess Nissa finally isn't the only one who doesn't know.)

In the middle of the night Nissa finds herself being shaken awake by some stranger. She manages to get freed from his grasp and thrown him to the ground. With a knee squarely in his back, she uses his own belt to strangle him. She checks the other beds to find them empty and she sneaks out.

Nissa looks at the beach and sees a bunch of ships in the port, then goes back to the inn.

(That's right. She left the inn, did nothing, then went back in.)

Sorin, Smara, and the three surviving goblins are all being held, with a vampire interrogating them. Anowon sneaks up behind her and tells her that the man is Idorel, the ruler of this town that Aleen has mentioned when they got here. Anowon explains that Indorel is angry because he found two of his men drained of blood, and tells her quite clearly that it wasn't he that did the draining.

Anowon says that the two of them should just leave Sorin behind. He knows how to get to the Eye of Ugin. They can still stop the Eldrazi without him. She's not convinced they can do this without him, and they watch on.

A fight breaks out between Sorin and Indorel. Sorin animates the body of one of the dead henchmen and Indorel quickly unanimates the zombie. Anowon does his part in assisting Sorin, and eventually Sorin, Smara, and the goblins break free and run for the beach.

Nissa holds the rear and tries her own hand at fighting the vampire. She defeats him by planting a seed in his chest, which rapidly grows into a flower. She yanks it out of his chest, and it's not just the roots that get pulled out, but his heart as well.

(Sooo... she pulled the tiny, skinny flower out of the vampire's chest... and it dragged his heart through his sternum/ribcage. Right.)

Nissa runs for the docks and to one of the boats.

(Aren't you glad Nissa left the inn earlier and saw there were boats? I would have been totally lost if all of a sudden they went to the port, in the port town, called Zulaport and found boats floating in the water out of nowhere. Come on, people. Just because they were planning on going here to take a boat to sail towards Akoum doesn't mean there will definitely be a boat. It's just common sense that we needed some unnecessary and awkwardly placed "foreshadowing" for the whole thing to make sense.)

None of them know how to sail a boat, so Nissa summons up a behemoth with webbing between its fingers, and tie a rope around its neck and the boat so it can pull them on their way to Akoum.

* * *

Perfectly Solid Chapter

If you ignore everything wrong with the chapter, it's a perfectly fine chapter right? Need to point a couple more things to ignore.

- Indorel has armor made of swirls. Pretend that makes sense.
- A head of one of the henchmen that Nissa lops off with her sword falls with a "thunk" in the sand. Pretend that isn't some unnaturally solid sounding sand.

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  1. re the basilisk: I think that sentence is implying that the basilisk grabbed the Eldrazi spawn by one of *its* tentacles and used the spawn's own speed to fling it into a nearby hedron.

    Of course, had he described it that way it would have been both easier to follow and more exciting. (Had he described the spawn turning to stone and shattering when it hit the hedron-- seeing as that's what basilisks *do*-- that've been cooler still and obviated the need for that clunky "Nissa knew it was dead" follow-up. But whatevs.)