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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 23

The calm before the storm.

Time Spiral - Chapter 23

Despite Greht looking down upon the killing of his own officers, Hessig has been too effective as an overseer to kill, and instead of executing him after he murdered the commander before him he was promoted to that position and allowed to keep his life. He gets things done. And when word comes from one of his warriors that two of his sentries have gone missing, with clear signs of an elf attack despite the elves never having wandered this far from their forest before, he decides something has to be done.

Hessig calls all his warriors to him. Greht had granted his commanders access to the battle magic of a warlord , and so his warriors give him strength, and his strength is now theirs. They aren't going to fall into the trap and go search for the missing sentries. Instead they're going to head straight to the forest and kill as many elves as they can by way of punishment.

Then something strikes him from behind. He looks down and sees a crescent shaped tip of a blade protruding from his chest. Then comes the arrows, so many that it appears as if his warriors are standing amongst summer wheat. Every single one of his warriors is his, but not are struck with fatal wounds. Hessig then he falls and dies.

(How are there that many arrows? Radha only has less than twenty people, and only some of those archers. And if they're aiming so precise that none of them take any fatal wounds, why are an obscene amount of arrows striking down into the dirt? Is it just to show off?)

...After the battle...

Radha is pleased. This is the third Gathan camp they've destroyed. The bound sentries are brought to her after she is done carving corpse markers into the commander's face. She lifts up the head so they can see it clearly, and the sentries are filled with a wordless fury. He was a warrior and commander, but because of her sacrilege, in death he will forever be remembered as a Goblin's Whore.

Radha tells them to deliver a message to Greht. Tell him that elf is coming for him. She then turns to Llanach but speaks clearly so they the two of them can hear her words and she tells him that he's to kill whichever of the two is slowest at leaving the camp. Her warriors let the sentries go on her signal, and after a moment of hesitation both try to outrun the other. Llanach's spear flies true and hits its mark, leaving just one Gathan to deliver her message.

Greht will know she was coming, and he will no doubt call his armies to him. Every wounded Gathan will weaken him and he will want to kill her himself, with all of them available to witness so the event will both strengthen their bond to him as well as raise their bloodlust before they set sail to raid faraway lands.


Teferi studies the rift while more and more hostile Shivans gather beyond his barrier. Jhoira asks for his thoughts, and he tells her that the rift is like a crack in a glass bowl and mana is the water. The mana seeps out slowly at first, but it steadily increases the size of the crack, which allows for more water to pour through, and the cycle continues until the bowl shatters. As for the solution, he is still needs to work that out. There's some time yet, not a lot, but it's not too late.

Then land begins to shake, and the outline of the Shiv they all know appears where a big gaping hole used to be.

In the chaos, a familiar voice speaks in his mind.

Hoy clean-head! Radha bellowed. Look at me!

* * *


I haven't mentioned this before, but it's obviously one of Radha's names for Teferi that she's used throughout the book. I'm pretty neutral on it.

On the other hand, I'm not fond of the word "hoy" because of breaking the fourth wall reasons. However... that might be a cultural thing? McGough... McGough... I don't know anything about him, but I'm sure there are areas of the world were "hoy" is a perfectly normal phrase that people use on a day to day basis. The word stood out to me, but I can imagine it being perfectly acceptable to others.

Not much else to say... clearly this is a setup chapter for the final sprint to the end. And despite Rahda and Teferi now with their own missions, this shows that the two events aren't completely independent.

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