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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 22

We finally set foot on Shiv.

Time Spiral - Chapter 22

The Shivan rift is large, the sand is searing, and the air is hostile. Teferi creates a bubble of protection to defend him companions from the elements and Jhoira's fit of cough ceases. The Shivans take a look around at the devastation to their homeland, and the joy at finally returning home after a rough journey comes to an end.

Through the haze of intense heat, a band of non-humans approach. It is a mix of goblins, orcs , and viashino, yet clearly changed over the three hundred years since they've seen homeland. The goblins are larger than they remember and are quite gaunt looking like the elves of Skyshroud. The simple act of goblins and orcs banding together is even more strange to our heroes. As for the viashino , they have large spines growing out from their elbows and sticking out down their spines.

Corus volunteers to go and greet them despite Venser's doubts. He insists that they're his countrymen, so there's nothing to worry about. Jhoira adds in her support, saying that Corus can take care of himself, and should things go sour, he'd just disappear into the sand, and sandswim his way back to them.

The party stops when Corus approaches. Their conversation seems to start off well, but it quickly turns to a heated argument, and ends with Corus forcing the viashino spokesperson to his knees and biting off his arm. Individually none of the strangers are any match for Corus, but as a band they're too much for him and he eventually is forced to sink into the sand and return to Teferi, Jhoira, and Venser.

"They're beasts," he said. "I told them who we were. They said, 'you've got mana.' I told them what we were here to do. They said, 'give us that necklace.' I told them that Shiv would soon be whole again, and that flat-faced skink put his hands on me." He spat a mouthful of cold greenish blood to the ground and looked at Jhoira. "I'm sorry, Lady, but right now they only see us as prey."

Teferi erects an invisible barrier dome around them. Let them attack all they want, they won't be able to get through. If they call for reinforcements and lay siege to them, it doesn't matter. All they need are two days.


Radha expected Freyalise to appear as soon as she returned, but not with every elven ranger in the forest. She's told that Skyshroud is under attack. The Gathans have come in force and are stripping Skyshroud of its trees on the far side. Freyalise says it's time for Radha to prove her might and lead the elves against the Gathans.

Radha refuses.

She says there is no point in just driving the Gathans from the forest, they will just return. The way to stop them is to take the fight to Greht and the slay him. If Freyalise wants her to lead the rangers, let her lead them beyond the borders of Skyshroud and she will free Keld and Skyshroud both from the raiders.

Freyalise says her tactics are too simple. Kill one leader and another will just rise up and fill the void. It's time for her to show she's a true daughter of Skyshroud.

They continue back and forth, until Radha addresses the Llanach and the rest of the rangers directly. Freyalise is not happy. Time for talk is over. She says that if Radha and any elf that that leaves Skyshroud to throw away their lives will never be allowed to step foot again on Skyshroud's soil if they are fortunate enough to survive. Everyone else must come with her to fight the Gathans and show the Gathans what it means to be of Skyshroud.

Radha declares one last time that she means to kill the Gathan warlord, and doing so will save Skyshroud. Protecting the forest is worth being exiled ten times over.

Most of the elves follow their goddess, but over a dozen archers, scouts, and spearmen join her side. It was time to head straight to Greht and kill every Gathan band on the way.

* * *

Radha, Heir to Keld

She sure does know what she wants. She's never wavered in the slightest. The real question is now is where is this leading? How important is all of this in the grander scheme of things now that she's no longer part of Teferi's mission.

Teferi's Secret

Teferi still has his secret that he hasn't revealed to Jhoira or the others. How big is it? Is he expecting to die? That's what it seemed like when he dove into the Urborg rift, but he still has Zhalfir to fix afterwards, so I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out. He can't both die and ensure the safe return of Zhalfir at the same time.

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