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Monday, October 3, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 21

Nicol Bolas is gone and it's time to learn where everyone's commitments lie.

Time Spiral - Chapter 21

They all sit and wait for Teferi to reassemble his pieces back into a working body. Venser has already made his rounds of apologies over an over again to the point that even Radha finally ended up telling him that she probably would have told the dragon that said she wanted to return home if she was asked the question instead of him. With his conscience cleared, he sits and plays his part in watching the wizard's body, while his thoughts revert back to his lifelong passion of his machines.

It's been hours since the duel, and finally his body floats up into the air, and Teferi becomes whole. The planesalker thanks them for standing by, but the first thing he wants to do is pay his respects to Aprem . Then its his turn to apologize to them all.

He hasn't been fair to any of them. He's been lost in thought trying to figure out this puzzle of his while everyone does all the work. So much so that even from the very start he even made Jhoira says the words that all of this is her fault even though that's not true.

There are only two days until the event, and he needs just one to have everything prepared, but he can handle it from here. He tells them he's going to send them all home and he'll handle it from here.

Jhoira immediately says he's being crazy. She accepts his apology and is going with him. Corus chimes in that he came to see the restoration of his homeland and he remains committed to that cause. When Teferi addresses Venser, the man who was never even asked if he wanted to come along, the artificer says that while he wants to go home eventually, he actually would like to see Shiv. The viashinos have told him about a powerstone manufacturing plant in Shiv, and if he can just find one or two more powerstone, that will help out his research immensely. Plus, if the world is going to blow up in two days, he might as well see it.

Jhoira almost hugged the Urborg native, not just for his casual, selfless grace, but for the effect it had on Teferi. The planeswalker smiled, a long, warm, sustained grin.

They look to Radha , and she tells them straight out she wants to go home. Forget all the crazy rift nonsense. Teferi remains committed to not force anyone to travel with him, so with no more obligation she's going to go and resume her mission to slay Greht and keep him from ever launching his fleet of ships. But sending her home isn't enough, Teferi still needs to make due on the rest of her payment, knowledge from the Book of Shiv. She doesn't even want all the knowledge, just knowledge of some of the forgotten corpse markers.

And Radha isn't the only one ready to take up Teferi's offer of release. Dassene owes her life to the Keldon elf, and has lost faith in Teferi's mission. She's going with Radha. Skive says she's going with Radha as well. Corus exclaims that they're so close to seeing the return of their homeland, but she counters that more often than not all they do is stand around and wait for Teferi to decide what to do next, then go some place else to stand around some more. If Teferi succeeds, that's great news, but if not... it's better to spend the next two days killing barbarians than doing nothing.

Corus glared over at Radha. "She bit me," he groused.

"I know. To tell you the truth, that was kind of impressive."

Their minds are made up. Teferi asks if they've all said their piece, then gathers them close one last time ready to drop half his group off in Keld, and then head on to Shiv.

* * *

I Believe in You Teferi, Planeswalker

I'm glad it wasn't all hugs and kisses. I'm sure something wrong is going to happen, and this won't be the last we see of Radha, but it was nice to see her really stick to her commitments.  She knows what she wants, and she also knows she can't stop anything on the level of multi-planar collapse, so why waste her time?

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