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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Purifying Fire - Chapter 2

Problems arise for more than just Chandra.

The Purifying Fire - Chapter 2

Chandra is quite steamed. She may not remember where she got the scroll from but she knows she was attacked, and it seems all that effort was for nothing. The information from the scroll was supposed to have been successfully copied down by the monks but now she's being told that something missing, and to top it off, Brother Sergil actually angry with her that she let it get taken! Mother Luti calls for silence from their arguing and once again reminds Chandra about the need to control her temper and her power.

"Nothing will help," Luti said. "Certainly not other people. Only you can change the way your power manifests. Only within yourself can you find a way to master it in a reality which will, after all, always contain annoyances, distractions, fears, and sorrows."


Keral Keep is located on Mount Keralia and is a pyromancer monastery where many come to learn to control their power. Mother Luti had been more than happy to accept such a powerful pyromancer, and a planeswalker, when Chandra arrived. The monestary itself was founded on the principles of the legendary planeswalker Jaya Ballard.

Mother Luti is the only one that knows Chandra's secret. The others just think she's an unusually powerful pyromancer.

The look on Mother Luti's face keeps her quiet as Brother Sergil explains. The scroll appears to referring to some kind of spell or artifact, or the location of an exceptional source of mana. But despite the redundancy in their copying method there is something still missing. They need the physical scroll to find out what.

Mother Luti is quite disappointed. Not at Chandra, but at the idea that they're so close to unlocking something spectacular only to find out they may never know the answer. But Chandra can't be blamed, without her they'd never even know as much as they do. When Brother Sergil says that it might help if they knew about the origins of the scroll Mother Luti brushes the idea aside by saying that considering the attack, it's best to leave that alone.

"If you're wondering whether I noticed anything unusual about the scroll when it was in my possession, I can't really answer that. And I swear by everything that burns, if I ever see that bastard again, I'll blow him so high into the sky, his ashes won't fall back down until people have forgotten he was ever born."

Luti didn't smile at her pledge. "Guard yourself, Chandra. The fire you kindle for your enemy may burn you more than him."

The way the stranger tricked her into thinking Brannon was in danger was particularly offensive to Chandra. Mother Luti reflects on the similarities between Chandra and the boy. He was sent here at an early age when his parents didn't know what to do with him, and Chandra bonded with him right away.

(I take it that most of others don't have a similar story.)

After Brother Sergil leaves, Chandra explains that the only thing she actually does remember of the origins of the scroll is that it was from this place called the Sanctum of Stars, from a room that looked like it had all kinds of valuables.

...That night...

Chandra dreams of fire. And not in the good way. There no comforting heat and no thrilling booms that gets her blood running. It's a fire that consumes the innocent and brings up sorrow, grief, shame, and regret. All around her the innocent bodies burn and finally a sword pierces he throat and wakes her.

Chandra tries to calm herself and chase back the tears that want to break free. She gets up and goes for a walk in the cool night air and stares down at the view from the mountain. In the distance she can see the lights of the city of Zinara, which is now ruled by the Order of Heliud, under Walbert III. Mother Luti had told her that the e order used to be an obscure sect but it slowly rose to power. They preach order above all and currently have laid down laws that prohibit the use of fire magic anywhere within their territory on the plains.

Recently, a friendly village chief named Samir Mia Kauldi has brought news that the Order of Heliud has begun trying to expand their sphere of influence and have actually arrested two druids in the forests between Mount Keralia and the city. That's outrageous! Chandra can hardly imagine what kind of uproar will occur if the next time they do that they get their hands on an elf.

Oh, yes, that would be worth seeing.

"Don't' mess with elves ," she muttered, gazing down at the darkened forest below Mount Keralia.

* * *

A New Thread Being Weaved

So this isn't just going to be a treasure hunt where one thief chases another. Now we have some larger scale action with the not so friendly White aligned peoples trying to impose order on their neighbors. Not much more to say at the moment. Chandra's still a hot-head, and we're only in Chapter 2, a perfectly acceptable place to be setting up the story.

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