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Friday, October 14, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 6

Jhoira has found a new companion. Venser finds something else.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 6

Well that was different. Every other teleport he's done has always had him in one location in one moment, and somewhere else the next. Never before did he find himself hurtling through the air and crashing into a swamp.

But where is Jhoira? That's a bit disturbing. There's no need to panic yet though, the most likely thing is that the teleportation field failed to encompass as much area as they intended, and she was left behind safe and sound in Shiv. That's where she is right now. She's okay. No panicking here.

Just in case though, he decides he better perform a quick circular search pattern centered around the ambulator. A visual search only. Yelling may attract unwanted attention.

Instead of him alerting something, something soon alerts him. Noise. A lot of noise. It's not the sounds of your every day skirmish in Urbog. It sounds like a full on war is going on.

Venser crests a hill and witnesses hundreds of combatants going at it. Gladehunters of all shapes and sizes facing off against hundreds of perfectly assembled and working Phyrexians and war machines that are streaming from an entrance in the mountain beneath the Stronghold.

Neither side seems to take notice of him as Venser watches the battle ebb and flow, with all thoughts of his ambulator and Johira pushed to the back of his mind. The fighting is vicious and deadly with tigers being crushed underneath treads, and Phyrexians having body parts torn off their bodies. Then through some unseen signal the gladehunters regroup and slowly retreat. The Phyrexians try to pursue but are blocked by an invisible wall that transitions into an invisible bubble that lifts them off the ground. Black vines shoot up from the swamp and worm their way into every nook and cranny in the Phyrexian army, then tears them to pieces.

For moment Venser hears the same seductive serpentine voice again, once more telling him to just stop and rest. Everything is okay. He's safe. In the corner of his eye he catches a glimpse of some phantom dressed in rags and a dull gray helmet before it disappears.

Well... that's a good sign to go. And besides, with no more army to occupy the gladehunters, it's best if  he gets back to finding Jhoira and getting them out of here. As he runs back, the air shimmers before him and he bounces off a mountain of fur and muscle. Terror fills his mind as he realizes he's run into Lord Windgrace himself, the panther-god and self stylized protector of Urborg.

"You there," Windgrace said. "You're the maggot who builds machines." his voice rumbled out of his expansive chest, so low and foreboding that Venser's spine quivered.

Venser can only squeak noises past his lips as Windgrace addresses him. The panather-god decides to take him back to his castle and determine which side Venser is really on. Urborg has need of him one way or another.

* * *

Venser, the Wanted

So many people just want to get their hands on poor little Venser. And now he finds himself in the hands of the Patron of Urborg, a planeswalker who's edicts he's deliberately defied over the years. (Look at that. I guess he actually is a little bit like Radha.) It's a good thing there is a more pressing matter at hand, and he's no doubt going to be recruited rather than executed.

But can Venser find his way out of this all on his own merits, or will Jhoira and Jodah show up in time to help him out of this predicament?

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