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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 5

Time to for the test run of the new teleporting ambulator. Who wants to bet it doesn't go smoothly?

Planar Chaos - Chapter 5

Everything is set and the Ghitu are all assembled, ready to witness the first test run of the new ambulator. Time for Venser and Jhoira to head to Urborg . This isn't time to approach Lord Windgrace yet. It's just travel to a familiar place to reduce randomness, and travel back. Venser turns on his machine, and as it revs up he hears the same voice that spoke to him in the desert. Venser yells out to Jhoira, but she tells him she doesn't hear anything. He tries to turn it off but it's too late.

The ghostly voice dissolved into hysterical giggles, cackling and howling like a rabid harlequin. The sound stopped, and when the voice spoke again it was hungry, cruel, and confident.

Got you.

A curtain of energy extends beyond the ambulator platform and eclipses everyone in the room. Venser can see Teferi moving his hands and lips as if he's casting a spell. Then the world vanishes.


Karn, the Silver Golem and his protege Jeska return once again to the plane that he created. Mirrodin. He likes to drop in from time to time and see how everything has evolved. Jeska on the other hand, originally from the continent of Otaria on Dominaria, is quite restless. Karn is always suggesting patience but she like to be on the move.

A strange sensation passes through him. It isn't a voice exactly, but something is trying to convey some kind of meaning to him.

"Did you hear something?"

Jeska cocked her head. "No. Should I have?"

"No." The silver golem smiled. "I'm not sure I should have."

Jeska doesn't much care, and says he should finally take her to Rabiah. He doesn't think that plane is ready for her, and suggests they visit Mercadia first.


Jhoira wakes cold and alone. The swamps can be cold... but how is there snow? Is this Urborg? And where is Venser? Jhoira takes a second look at her surroundings and the Stronghold is there off in the distance. Definitely Urborg, but what's going on?

From behind and mysterious man announces his presence, someone she assumes is a planeswalker. He tells her he's not and suggests they go someplace warm and out of this cold that she clearly isn't prepared for. Ever so cautiously she squeezes information out of the enigmatic man that she at first thinks for a split second the planeswalker Urza, which just can't. In fact he's not a planeswalker at all. It's clear that he's very long lived, much like Jhoira's own thousand year life span so far, and he's also very similarly still very mortal. He's Jodah, former Archmage Eternal of the Unseen Academy .

(Who? We've come across another hole in my knowledge.)

He's lived a long time, and seen a lot. He says another catastrophe is at hand and he's come seeking her help. He knows next to nothing about the rifts, but he says the cold itself is caused by an individual, not a natural disaster... if something like the rifts can be classified as natural.. There is a very real enemy to them all that needs to be stopped.

Oh great, it's another planeswalker isn't it. He tells her she really needs to stop assuming that everyone is a planeswalker.

With her concerns mostly mollified, she agrees to his latest suggestion that they should probably go get Venser before the gladehunters get him. He saw the machine streak through the sky and she insists that he lead the way.

* * *

Ice Voice

We didn't learn much about this fellow, but what did he do to the machine? It seemed to have worked just fine, except for the aura of energy that filled the room. Yet Jodah made no mention of anyone else arriving except for herself and Venser.


Speaking of Jodah, I feel so deficient in Magic's history. I know of the card the School of the Unseen so I assume he comes from the gap in my knowledge of the Ice Age. Likely the voice is from there as well.


There here is! But maybe we won't see him again for a while. It feels like that little section was just a tease to ease us in for when he makes his true appearance, so it doesn't feel like he's just appearing out of the blue. Maybe he can help Teferi return back to a fully functioning member of society, even if it's not as a planeswalker.

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