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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 3

Jhoira, Venser, and Teferi face the dangers of the desert.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 3

Venser develops a new level of respect for Jhoira as they hike through the desert. She's so strong and full of determination, yet it only makes him feel less and less useful. She knows where they are going and how to survive in the heat, and all he can do is get hungry, thirsty, tired, and get shushed for wasting moisture by talking. He remembers the crazy barbarian elf Radha telling him that he is nothing but luggage. She's right.

This place hates him. This place is going to kill him. And eventually Jhoira realizes the truth of that as suggest the they rest until the day's heat cools off. She tells him there was supposed to be a spring here, but it looks like it's gone.

While they wait, the artificer hears a subtle hissing beneath the sand that he can't quite locate.

Sleep now, the serpentine whisper said. Rest.

That isn't going to work on him. Maybe the god-like Nicol Bolas was able to get to him, but Venser is from Urborg, where paranoia about mental intrusions is necessary for survival.

Then a lizard-like creature begins to emerge from the sand. It's not a lizard. It's a basilisk ! Venser closes his eyes instantly and warns Jhoira of the danger as he rolls once, then twice, to get away. A strange sensation like thunder reverberates in his head, and Jhoira's reply comes from in front of him when it should be coming from behind.

(It's a basilisk? Basilisks can talk? Or are they telepathic?)

Venser keeps the basilisk in the corner of his eye and watches as Jhoira creates a make-shift whip from her clothes and kills it while keeping her eyes closed.

Jhoira's confused as to how he got so far behind her, but before they can go deeper into what just happened, they hear a war cry from a dozen Ghitu warriors. For them no time has passed since Shiv was phased out of Dominaria. They don't know the Invasion is over, and for all they know, the strangers before them could be Phyrexian infiltrators. Jhoira sorts everything out and lets them know they have a new mission and need help.

When the Ghitu warriors understand, Jhoira translates the conversation to Venser. She tells him he'll need about five days of food, water, and rest. But then afterwards, the Ghitu will do what they do best. They're builders. And they're going to help him rebuild his ambulator.

...At the basilisk corpse...

A second basilisk comes lumbering along, and decides to feast an tasty basilisk corpse. However, when its leg brushes up against his fallen bretheren it becomes encased in a sheath of frozen dust. A near giddy voice laughs from beneath the remains.

Almost, the voice said. But not enough. No worries, though, eh? We'll try again... won't we my little friends. We'll have to try again. We'll have to try again soon.

The basilisk remains frozen though out the night, and when the suns rays touches the whole creature evaporates into steam.

* * *


So it wasn't just a basilisk that was talking, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on. What's this crazy ice touch monster that speaks to its little basilisk friends and lives under the sand? Is this a new planeswalker that has a pretty strange way of doing things, or is this some other sentient creature? I'm 100% in the dark with this one, but I'm intrigued.

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