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Monday, October 31, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 23

A meeting of planeswalkers.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 23

Windgrace reports to Teferi that Freyalise has followed through with his plan. The Skyshroud rift is gone, and she is dead. Teferi says that was to be expected and now it is his turn to save his people. Windgrace thinks that's absurd, but Teferi tells him to take a closer look at his rift. It's grown stronger since Freyalise succeeded. That's because all of the rifts are connected in a kind of network, especially the one here and the one that was above Skyshroud. Now that her's is gone everything is being diverted here. The rifts must be stopped before the world is flooded with Phyrexians and the cold.

Karn appears and introduces himself. Windgrace takes a measure of this new figure before him. He likes neither the fact that he has a Phyrexian feel to him thanks to some of the pieces, nor the fact that he is allied with Teferi. But since he is someone who is both Teferi's ally and actually agrees with Teferi's plan, why doesn't he take care of the rift.

Jhoira explains that there are other rifts to be dealt with still, including one very special one. The one at the site of the Tolarian Academy . There were two catastrophic events that occurred there, one when a time machine created all sorts of time distortions and later when a world devastating spell was cast. Karn was there when the first happened, and he was built with time travel in mind. He will have to go back in time and heal that rift before it mutated into its new unfixable state.

Windgrace senses Venser's return, a return performed under his own power, and wishes to have chat. He takes Teferi with him to the workshop leaving Karn and Jhoira behind. Venser really is a planeswalker. A new kind. He has yet to travel to a new plane but he's made it to the Blind Eternities once before. Lord Wingrace questions the disappearance of the gladehunter mark, but it able to confirm that the Weaver King is not in him. When he asks Tefere if Venser, a planeswalker, will be able to use up his energy to seal the rift, Teferi gives up a definite, "no".

"I see. So once again no one can do what you say needs to be done except for people outside your party. Venser is not capable. Karn is too important. It falls to Freyalise and me to die for your cause."

Teferi adds that he didn't die, and Windgrace counters that by his own admission he had said the Shivan rift wasn't as powerful as the theirs had been. Why should he just give up. Why should he be the one to let the rift consume him and die?

Teferi tells him emphatically that's not the way. He can't give up, he has to fight it. Fight it with every ounce of his being. He must overpower it, and if he's strong enough he'll survive it.

The Weaver King speaks out a challenge to the Lord Windgrace. Urborg will be taken from him unless they meet on the battlefield. Teferi warns him to not take the bait, that if he waits an hour too long their chance to drastically destroy the rifts will be gone.

Windgrace needs time to consider and he might as well consider while killing Phyrexians. He says his good-byes to both Venser and Teferi and says that he will not be coming back for either of them.

Jodah appears in the the doorway and punches Venser. Venser tries to tell him that he saved his life and Teferi tries to calm him down by saying that Freyalise chose her own path. Jodah declares that he's done with all this, and that he's going back to Skyshroud.

Teferi says to Venser that they may still need his skills and asks him if he can take him to the entrance of the traveling tunnel. Venser sits down in the mud and extends his arms forward.

"What are you doing?" Teeferi asked.

"Shut up," Venser said. "I'm teleporting."


They beat Jodah to the entrance and Teferi tells him that they still need him. Jhoira still needs him.

"You astound me," Jodah said, rage steaming from his words. "How low will you go?"

Teferi smiled blankly. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you are as manipulative a creature as I've ever met. Everything you say is designed to produce an effect, but worse, it's also designed to conceal the effect you're after. You're a liar who lies about his lies to himself."

Jodah apologizes for hitting Venser but repeats that he's done with them. And no, he has no departing words for Jhoira. He's said everything that needed saying.

...Venser's workshop...

Jhoira notices that the powerstones from the ambulator were removed and smiles that Venser still couldn't break his old habit. All of a sudden Teferi and Venser appear out of nowhere, strangely with Venser sitting on the ground. She greets Venser with a smile and very deliberately waits for him to confirm everything that Teferi is saying before responding to any of it.

"I'm wondering," Teferi continued, "if you will continue to ignore me no matter what company we're in."

"We'll talk later," Jhoira said, "in private, when this is all over."

Jhoira says Karn has some idea about how to get to the past, but says he wants to go over his ideas with Teferi first. He's gone to survey one last thing but then he'll return.

* * *


It's easy to appreciate Windgrace's position. If someone sincere and trustworthy had approached with the problem and the solution that would be one thing, but this it the cock-sure Teferi. A man that talks as if every single word he says has another meaning. Even now, stripped of his powers, he still talks to a true planeswalker like they're equals. And while Lord Windgrace stayed to fight during the Invasion, Teferi turned and ran. They're pretty much exact opposites.

But, the fact is that Teferi was the first to act on his own plan. That part can't be denied. And this chapter conveniently explains to us why Karn can't be the one to seal the Urborg rift. We know it's only a matter of time before he comes around to Teferi's plan. He's simply the only one that can do it and this book isn't going to end with the end of the multiverse.


So Jodah's done? That's it? I suppose with Freyalise gone, and no more need for his transport tunnels to further the plot along, he has no more purpose. While I never never had a great fondness for his character, it does feel a bit strange having him bow out with four chapters left and an epilogue.

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