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Friday, October 28, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 20

Events are moving quickly. Time to regroup and replan.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 20

Teferi hovers in the sky above the Stronghold but beneath the rift and he isn't too happy with what he sees. More and more Phyrexians are streaming out from the fortress and the rift is growing more and more violent.

Windgrace drops by and tries one more time to see if Teferi actually has any information that's of any use, but Teferi maintains that the only way to fix everything is to seal the rifts by sacrificing the power of a planeswalker. That isn't an option for Lord Windgrace. He has plenty more power than Freyalise. He killed a thousand Phyrexians just today and he can kill plenty more. He's a warrior and he can do this indefinitely.

Teferi says that is exactly the problem. There is no indefinitely. This rift is about to reach a crisis point, and since all the rifts are connected it will affect all the others. At the very least, a permanent pathway between Dominaria and this alternate reality that these Phyrexians are coming from will be established and the Ice Age that world will engulf this one.

Windgrace pauses and says he still doesn't trust him, but he's willing to consult with Freyalise. He calls out to the other planeswalker and says he would like to have words with her.

And I with you. Hail, Windgrace. Be patient a while longer. If I fall, or fail, I will need you to take up my cause.

What do you mean?

Watch, she said. And you will see.


Jhoira finishes telling Venser the story about Karn regaining control of his metal world when Jodah comes flying past them. Neither know what's going on but they get up and run after him. After he lands, Jodah says that Freyalise is about to do something rash that may take out half of Keld and he needs to stop her. Jhoira asks why he thinks she'll listen to him and he tells her that Freyalise listened once before. Every planeswalker needs a companion. Jhoira should know that.

When it becomes clear they can't use the ambulator to get him back to Freyalise because they don't know the forest well enough, he says he'll reroute his traveling tunnel while they get out of here just in case.

They say their good-byes, but the Weaver King isn't ready for them to leave. Venser freezes and Jodah recognizes what has happened. With no ideas on how to free him, Jodah decides it's still best for them to physically leave the area and so both Jodah and Jhoira pick him up to take him to the ambulator. The Weaver King has other ideas.

Stand ready, Venser. I am expert at expanding my subjects' horizons. You may not know what you can do or how to do it...but I'm willing to try. What's the worst that could happen? To me, that is.

Jhoira and Jodah loose their grip on Venser , then they watch him disappear.

...Now what?...

Jhoira wants to stay and help. Help Jodah with Freyalise and help rescue Venser. But this might by a one way trip, and she needs to live. There's a greater work that needs to be done. She might still be able to solve the larger problem that will save them all. She should go to Urborg . Jodah will find Venser if he can.

"All right," she said. Jhoira lunged forward, wrapped her arms around Jodah's neck,and kissed him deeply.

Then she left.

* * *

Teacher, Teacher!

Oh the classic "learn how to use your own abilities by being possessed by your enemy" bit. That works. It was easy to expect that Karn might be the one to teach Venser, but using the Weaver King probably works better if you're trying to cram a fast paced story in just three hundred pages. No time for dawdling.

However I was hoping for the possession to be less obvious, and was hoping for more mischief to occur. Oh well, like I said. This works too.

Jhoira and Jodah

There did seem to be some tension between Jhoira and Jodah at the end of their conversation, and at least I was expecting the kiss to come, however it still seems like Jodah is so much more dedicated to Freyalise that it still seems odd. Maybe he just knows that he and Freyalise aren't compatible no matter what he feels, and Jhoira is the better choice for him.

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