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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 14

Venser and Jodah on the loose.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 14

Venser leads Jodah through the swamps until they reach the hollow where the ambulator rests beneath a large willow tree with three stationary guards human guards protecting it while three beasts move in a patrol pattern. Venser diddn't exactly tell the truth when he told the archmage that he had a rough idea where the ambulator might be held, he actually knew exactly where it was. Ever since the test run he could feel it calling to him, so there was no guessing when it came to its location, but even he needs his secrets.

Now that they are here, he leaves the planning up to Jodah. The archmage is the one with the magic. In an attempt to take advantage of the gladehunter mark tattooed on Venser's face, they attempt the classic false prisoner trick. Needless to say, the guards aren't fooled into thinking Venser has brought them a prisoner and Jodah ends up having to rely on a magical sticky foam to slow them all down while Venser makes a break for the machine.

The artificer is thankful that it seems to be in perfect working order, but he's taken by surprise as the willow tree itself wraps one of its rope-like vines around his neck and lifts him into the air. He can't call out for help and even if he could Jodah is still occupied. Then a strange sensation runs through his body and the world turns white.

He's free.

Jodah comes up to him after the guards are sufficiently stuck and asks Venser what he did because the archmage himself didn't cast any spells. Jodah suddenly becomes interested in the artificer in a way that makes Venser a bit uncomfortable, but there's no time to linger on the details. Jodah's spell will only trap the guards for a few minutes.

They glance at the willow tree, see that it's been pacified, and get on the artifact.

...Hidden, unseen...

The Weaver King thinks it's pretty rude of Jodah and Venser to ignore his helping hand through pacifying the willow. It took quite a lot of finesse to do something like that with Lord Windgrace's protection to contend with.

No matter. It is worth it. Jodah is proving himself to be far more intriguing than he originally believed, and Venser is quite a prize to be had. He finds he can't reach in to him while his mind is occupied with examining every piece of his machine, double-checking that it's in working order. It's only when Jodah disrupts his concentration by asking him a question, that the Weaver King is able to strike with every bit of subtlety he can muster.

Venser respected Jodah. Venser was coming to trust Jodah, even admire him. But on a deep, primal, instinctive level, Venser resented Jodah. He rankled at the archmage's case with the Ghitu woman and how she responded to it.

On that level, Venser hated Jodah. Just  a little. It was all the Weaver King needed.

...Back to the real world...

Venser snaps at Jodah in a way that the archmage has never seen, but he attributes it to nervousness about his machine, thinking that maybe Venser is trying to cover up the fact that it's not as fine as he claims it is.

* * *

Where'd that Come From?

Jodah is falling in love with Jhoira?

Jodah, who like Jhoira had been alive for millennia. Jodah, who like Jhoira was a powerful wizard and confident adventurer. Jodah, who had so much in common with Johira, who could stand as peer and equal to Jhoira, who was clearly smitten with Jhoira. Jodah, with whom Jhoira was in turn clearly smitten.

That really struck me out of nowhere. Nothing about their actions seemed particularly flirtacious to me. I suppose I suppose it does make some sense though. They do both have a unique world view being both effectively immortal non-planeswalkers, and if Jhoira has hidden feelings for Teferi that she's never wanted to admit, Jodah does have a similar sleezy + cocky attitude that Teferi does. Maybe that's just her type.

End Goal

I wonder what the Weaver King's end goal is? He's insane so it's somewhat hard to predict. Perhaps may just be searching for ways to get Venser to cave into his emotions and loose his steel focus, making him that much more susceptible to the Weaver King's suggestions.

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