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Friday, October 21, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 13

Revelations all around!

Planar Chaos - Chapter 13

The Weaver King isn't pleased. All his subjects are too busy for him. When Windgrace calls, they all have to respond and there's no touching them while directly under the planeswalker's protection. Dinne isn't of Urborg so is still his, but that isn't enough.

But what's this? There's something new. Through sheer luck, the Weaver King happens to be paying attention to the thread he's tied to Jodah and he feels him travel to a far off land in the blink of an eye. It's a new place, Skyshroud, with fresh minds for him to manipulate and control. Maybe it is time to leave Urborg behind. If he can take Dinne with him there will be so much fun to be had.


The forest looks like it's barely keeping together. Jodah feels a tiny bit sorry for Freyalise. Her vast power is waning. Jhoira shows up and tells him to not bother with her. She tells him that Freyalise knows he's here and has sent her to shoo him away.

Well, Jodah doesn't need to go looking for her, and he tells her that Venser is standing by with the ambulator. She says she'll return in a few hours... if she can, but he has to leave now. There's a battle resuming. He tells her they don't need to wait a few hours, if she can just wait for ten minutes he'll be right back and they can all get out of there.

(More on this later.)

Jodah jumps back into his transportation tunnel and returns to Urborg to find Teferi waiting for him. He says that Venser is still at his workshop. He followed him there and can show him the way. He told Jhoira he'd be back in ten minutes so there's no time to search for Venser himself, so he allows Teferi to lead the way. When they get there, Venser finshes fixing up one of his beacons, and he and Jodah head back without inviting Teferi to come along with them to the sneak their way into gaining control of the guarded ambulator.


Teferi doesn't care that Jodah and Venser didn't ask him along. Windgrace and Freyalise have agreed to stop the rifts. That's the important thing. What the other two do mattered little in the grand scheme of things.

His memory of recent events is full of gaps, but he has come to accept that his power is mostly gone. He does at least remember his accomplishment with the Shivan rift. It's his source of confidence to help him through all this.

He and Jhoira will continue to save the multiverse, with Venser's help. He knows his power may be diminished, but he's discovered something new. He has a connection to the rifts. He can sense where each rift is, the attitude of each for lack of a better word, and how dangerous they are.

Even without his influence, Freyalise would probably have done her part on her own, and with Jhoira in the mix it will only help her reach the right conclusion sooner. Windgrace on the other hand is a different matter. He is still strong and full of fire and likely things he can solve things a different way. But the two of them need to seal their rifts in concert with each other. Sealing the Shivan rift has slowed the decay of the others for the time being, but things are getting worse. Sealing the Skyshroud and Urborg rifts simultaneously will compound the healing effect exponentially.

* * *

Weaver King

Is this going to be a Radha vs Weaver King battle by the end? The Weaver King and an army of his followers vs Radha and her slivers? Who's going to take care of Dinne?

Freyalise, or No Freyalise?

I'm not too into this whole rescue plan. What's there to rescue Jhoira from! She's not in danger from Freyalise. In fact she promised to help her out. The more time Jhoira spends with Freyalise is more time she can convince her to seal the rift. Those are two great reasons to stay, and there isn't much of a reason to leave.  Yet she seems torn about wanting to stay or go. Make up your mind, girl!

Teferi, Restored

We finally got a POV from Teferi. It's confirmed that he's had to recover from his ordeal with the Shivan rift and that he's lost his memories, yet he still remains focused on his goal and he has a new ability that keep him relevant. I'm quite interested in seeing how he'll continue to interact with the other planeswalkers now that he's no longer their equal.

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