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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 12

Jhoira learns why she was chosen by Freyalise.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 12

It is midnight in the forest that is Skyshroud, and there are thousands of slivers of all types waiting as Jhoira and Freyalise arrive. Freyalise tells the artificer to stand still and soon enough she has complete control over them all.

"My name is Jhoira, Lady." She spoke calmly. "How shall I address you?"

Freyalise exhaled and lowered her arms. She slowly turned, half facing Jhoira, and said, "I already like you more than your mentor. You are have far better manners.

"You may call me Freyalise, Jhoira. I have brought you here to assist me, but you are not my slave. I need your ingenuity, your confidence, and your personality - and for that you must be free to speak and act as you see fit."

But before they can get into specifics, Freyalise sends her up in the air out of harm's way. Down below, Jhoira sees far more Phyrexians than she ever imagined from Freyalise's words during the meeting with Lord Windgrace. But Freyalise has the slivers and she turns the former tools of Yawgmoth against the remnants of his servants.

Insect and machine clash, and Freyalise takes every advantage of the slivers' innate ability to magically share strengths with each other. Large slivers take the brunt of the Phyrexian attacks, while smaller slivers who are just as strong deal deadly blows. Some slivers fly and spray an orange liquid that cause other slivers to explode , and then Freyalise regenerates the whole army and they are ready to fight once more.

The Phyrexians are killed or driven off and as Jhoira congratulates the planeswalker on a victory well earned. Then Freyalise collapses to the ground.

...Hours later...

It was nearly sunrise when Freyalise wakes, and she lays everything out for Jhoira. She can not keep her forest safe for much longer. The land is drained of too much mana. This is her forest, and she is committed to stay to the very end, but someone will have to follow after her. Someone must pick up where she leaves off.

Radha is supposed to be that someone. With her ability to tap into so much mana that it seems wasteful, she will have the ability to command the slivers. Freyalise says she tried her best to nurture the elf but she was always too willful and would never listen. Freyalise tells Jhoira that the only person her willful child ever showed any measure respect for was Jhoira herself. The reason she was brought here is that after Freyalise dies, she wants Jhoira to go find Radha and convince her that Skyshroud is hers to protect.

The Ghitu held Freyalise's desperate eyes for a moment. She said, "I will do what I can, Freyalise."

"Do more. Bring my people the help they need." Freyalise's eyes flashed fire. "Swear it."

Jhoira swears, and then afterwords wonders how she can ever keep such a promise.

* * *

Freyalise, the Abandoned

What was so bad about that? Jhoira doesn't need any kind of rescuing. An old woman (or planeswalker near death) is just making a last request. And that request involves a character I thought we were done with. I guess Radha still does have a role in this trilogy.

I thought her role was done, but this makes sense. Now, there are some new questions that come to mind. So Freyalise is too stubborn to give up her forest and she's willing to die. That creates the environment where I can believe that Freyalise will voluntarily pull a Teferi and sacrifice herself to seal the rift.


Since she's so weakened, how can that be enough? It doesn't sound like she has enough energy to pull it off. I suppose that can be the reason why she might actually die rather than just be depowered like Teferi was.

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