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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Planar Chaos - Chapter 10

Looks like we're going to get a little show from one of our newest friends Dinne il-Vec.

Planar Chaos - Chapter 10

Dinne il-Vec did what he was told. He kept watch on the strangers, but now they are gone. He wanted to kill them so badly, but the Weaver King had forbade it.

But now... his orders are done, and Lord Windgrace's war-chief has appeared and presented an opportunity. It would be so easy to kill him right now without him ever knowing it, but that would be no fun. It is always better to let your presence be known.

Dinne concentrates and solidifies in front of the chief. There are no words between them, just action. Dinne playfully phases in and out so the attacks from the war club harmlessly pass through him. of his solid form so the war club harmlessly passes through him.

Then the chief changes tactics. He summons a strange purple cloud that coats his weapon. When struck, there's quite a lot of pain despite it still passing through him. The sensation is so sweet. Dinne allows himself to be attacked a few more times just to feel again, if only for a moment. But Dinne knows this must come to an end.

He has no idea what happened to him, how and why he's in this state of being. All that is important is that his throwing spikes feel solid in his hands, and it feels solid to his victims. That, and the fact that they they dissolved from where ever they are and reappeared back in his belt after leaving contact with him for too long. He effectively has an endless supply.

Dinne solidifies behind the warchief, and clangs two spikes together to give off a beautiful metallic ring. He throws them with precision at the warchief, timed just right that as he turns around, he's hit squarely in both eyes. Dinne waits until the spikes reappear in his belt and then targets his knees next, and then his shoulders. With everything set just right, it's time to take things slowly from here.

...The Blind Eternities...

Jhoira is no stranger to the Blind Eternities thanks to her travels with Teferi. His style of travel was to flow along the chaos. Lord Windgrace on the other hand forces the Eternities to bend around him, and he wills a platform of mana into being for all of them to stand upon.

Jodah is nervous about being here, but what's interesting is the identical pained looks on both Teferi and Venser. Why would that be? Venser must be a planeswalker. Planeswalkers can always sense kindred spirits. It must be why Teferi sought him out, and why Nicol Bolas and Windgrace showed interest in him. It makes sense except for one huge problem. He very clearly isn't a near ominpotent being like they are.

(Well... maybe a second problem. Venser's been on Urborg for all his life, yet Lord Windgrace has only been interested in him very recently.)

Freyalise appears, and she's actually much less hostile with Windgrace than she ever was with Teferi. In fact the two surviving members of Urza's team of planeswalkers during the Invasion have a mutual respect for one another.

After the situation is made clear, and Freyalise admits to an unusual cold reaching her forest and even the appearance of a few Phyrexians, she says she works better alone. She knows he does as well. Teamwork just isn't in their nature.

"We both know our own homes. We know our own minds and inclinations. We know what we are capable of. Let's not fool ourselves. We both work best alone, but I propose that we work in unison."
Windgrace's keen eyes blazed. "Together," he said, "but separate."

"Yes. If the time rifts are connected, our efforts will compliment each other. Pursue your strategy in Urborg while I pursue mine in Skyshroud. if either one of us has any success, we can share and mutually profit from it."

The two planeswalkers are agreed, but there's one more thing. Freyalise decides she wants to take Jhoira with her, and Lord Windgrace gives leave to take her. Our heroes are helpless to act against the planeswalkers. Jhoira takes the situation in stride as best she can, while Jodah and Teferi shout warnings to her. There's a look of anger on Vener's face that she hopes will help sustain him through whatever comes next.

* * *

Dinne, Shadow Assassin

I think the essence of his card is captured quite nicely, I just don't really understand the whole purpose of this section. Did he really need to have his own POV section right now? All he did was kill some nobody. It seemed like it was just a way to show off what his powers are, and perhaps more important, to show us the nature of his mind. But how important is that to the story as a whole? He's just a lackey right? It seems like that information could have been conveyed to us during a more critical situation. It just seems out of place in context to everything preceding it in the trilogy.

Meeting of Equals

Look at that. Freyalise actually doesn't hate everyone. When someone she respects asks her politely for assistance, she was actually quite pleasant. Maybe that was Teferi's plan all along like Windgrace suspects. It's so hard to tell with his apparent mental state. Teferi was so bad at interacting with people... has he recognized that fact and decided to go for a more subtle approach to things?

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