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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 Months and Counting!

Six months! (With a few hiccups due to technical difficulties.) I've had plenty of crazy ideas in the past, that were certainly too time intensive for me to ever keep up for long, so I'm glad this one has actually stuck. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

And thankfully while the core of this website is simple (Reviewing one chapter a day, every day) it also scales well to accommodate a desire to try more ambitious things.


I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do Comic Book reviews. I'd like a visual component, but of course I don't want to scan them page for page. That might work for the nearly a decade old comics by Armada which isn't around anymore, but that certainly won't work for the new comics coming out soon by IDW. There has to be a better way.


I'm also experimenting with ideas for videos, but there's no promising when that will come. I gotta take my time and learn what I need to learn to do it right.


I have some ideas that I'd like to present eventually, but I have to read through enough of the published novels, the ones that are new to me and the ones that I need refreshers on, so I get background and personalities right. Don't expect fanfiction from me until later on. Research for continuity is key. But it's definitely on my mind.


Another clear obvious addition to the site is to review the non-fiction Magic related books that are out there. They'll require a different reviewing style, and I was on my way to doing my first one, but it turns out that doing two books at once is taking up more energy than I expected. It's taking away from my time to do other things. (Not to mention the great Innistrad Viral Story which added a third daily project for me to keep up with while it was going on.) Magic related non-fiction reviews have been sidetracked, but they'll be coming eventually.

Happy 6 Month Anniversary to Me!

It looks like I've found a project that I can handle that's simple enough to execute as my life fluctuates from various degrees of busy. I hope to expand what content goes up here, but at the very least I don't expect to go away any time soon. It will take years to complete, but eventually every Magic: the Gathering novel will be Read Through and Reviewed. I look forward to the years to come!

All suggestions are welcome.


  1. As a suggestion, I'd love to see more of an encyclopedic style of website, like wiki.mtgsalvation has, or Phyrexia.com does. Or, perhaps, just links to either website.

    Being able to tie in a lot of the lore is actually very interesting to storyline people.

    And if you can actually get and tie intogether the old comic storylines, of Taysir and Tevash Tzat, etc, that would be incredible!

  2. Good suggestions.

    I've thought about a wiki... but that's a tricky issue. I was trying to start up a limited wiki to at least have the major characters and planes referenced and connected, but then I was getting too obsessive about including all the details. But you're right that I should at least include some prominent links.

    And about the comics, that's definitely high on my list. I certainly consider those just as essential as covering the novels. They will most definitely be covered eventually. I own the whole collection, it's just a matter of figuring out the right way to execute on the idea.

  3. Well then you've gotten past the first difficulty. Finding the old comics that cover the Dark, Homelands, and Fallen Empires etc. is no easy task these days.

    Looking forward to it. Keep up the awesome reviews!

  4. Hey, Anominal, just stumbled upon your site today.

    Backstory: I received a Kindle as a gift a few months ago, and I've been browsing the free sample chapters of the various MtG novels available in e-book form. I suspected they were all going to be middling-to-bad. Then I had the good fortune of picking up Agents of Artifice, and realized "Hey! This is actually, amazingly, a pretty enjoyable read."

    Bought & finished 'Agents' in a couple days-- enjoyable start to finish, bless ya Ari Marmell-- and then I picked up The Quest for Karn... And... Yeah. So gawd-awful it hurts.

    So then I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be nice if someone out there wrote a chapter-by-chapter summary of these books, so that I could find out what happened in the terrible ones without actually having to read them? Or at least have someone to commiserate with when a story takes a turn for the howling bad?"

    One quick web-search later and here you are! This is great! Keep it up, sir; you've pulled in another loyal reader.