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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 5

Enter Radha, Heir to Keld.

Time Spiral - Chapter 5

Radha watches the chaos from a branch up above the fighting on the ground. Llanach and his elves are pathetic from a life of ease and comfort and are no match for the false Keldons before them. Even with the strangers' help. It will be her time soon enough.

She runs along the branch until it can no longer support her and she jumps to the one below. Down she goes from branch to branch as easily as walking down steps. This is the best way to get around. Much of the forest floor is covered with the saproling fungus . It's type of plant, but a predator in its own right. It would be something to be feared if not for the equally dangerous slivers that lived amongst it. The fungus grew in a slow and steady pace while the slivers could become more dangerous still if their hives grew large enough. Together they keep themselves in check but one day one of them will win out and all of Skyshroud will be destroyed.

Rahda touches down on the forest floor, eager to witness what these strangers can do.

She was also eager to see the Skyshroud elves defeated - not killed necessarily, but routed. Once Llanach and his dried-up rangers had fallen, the protector of Skyshroud would be forced to turn Radha loose, and this time she would not stop until she had pursued the false Keldons all the way back to their camp. There, she would challenge their leader to single combat, during which she would break off all his arms and his legs and slit him open from groin to gullet before pulling off his head and using it as a commode.

(She is one blood-thirsty gal.)

Radha watches the little ones in dark robes and her eyes light up when the ends of their weapons burst into flame.


One moment Teferi is blind, deaf, and helpless, and there is lots and lots of pain. The next he is standing on the forest floor.  Freyalise is here as well, appearing like the mortal she used to be, wearing  green and white sleeveless dress, cloak, and gloves that end past her elbows and a decorative eye patch covering her left eye. Her stance screams hostility, reinforcing everything he's ever read about her.

But Teferi isn't here to fight. He just wants to know enough to stop what's coming. He wants no fight and humbles himself and drops to one knee and pleads for her help. He has people to protect the same as her. A fight now will help neither.

It works. The green protector is pacified. There are no claims of friendship, but she agrees to a momentary truce and she explains what she knows. The rift was there the moment she touched down with Skyshroud. She had assumed it would heal over time, but that never occurred. The mana drain on the other hand developed later, about one-hundred years after he left. All the mana of Dominaria had manifested itself into the being known as Karona , a being Teferi reportedly was summoned and dismissed by. He has no memory of such a meeting but while she existed, all mana was sealed off from everyone else and after she was gone, the mana returned not quite the same as before, and that's when the drain began.

As for the Keldons, they aren't true Keldons. They come from an off-shoot created by a fellow student of his from the Tolarian Academy. The savagery inherent in true Keldons had been enhanced through his works and it took more than half a millenium for the Keldons to defeat them and remove all traces of the abominations from their bloodlines. These Gathans returned fifty years ago through the rifts, and like the Shivans of old had done with the surrounding lands, they were eventually defeated and overwhelmed all in their way.

To Teferi, the rifts, the Gathans, Karnoa, and countless more details make up puzzles pieces that didn't seem to fit. There's so much to think on, but there are also some immediate concerns such as the ongoing battle. Once that's taken care of Teferi agrees to leave.

Freyalise offers her hand to assist with the short planeswalk back to their view above the forest. The closer to a rift, the harder it is to 'walk until you learn to navigate its torrents. Up above, Teferi see what looks to him to be an emerald green fire off to the side of the battle. Freyalise asks what he's smiling about.

"She fits."
* * *

Puzzle Time!

We got ourselves a history lesson, and an introduction to the cover character. There's not much to say besides saying McGough has done things right and the only thing I'm thinking right now is, "How does she fit?"

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