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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 2

They've sensed the problem from afar, now's the time to take a closer look.

Time Spiral - Chapter 2

A blue speck appears above a beach of dark sand and brackish water. The speck becomes a line, then the line becomes a sphere. In a matter of moments a vortex of lightning forms and Teferi steps through.

Planeswalking isn't supposed to be like this.

Showing unnecessary flourish just for the sake of it isn't beyond him, and he hopes his elaborate bow convinces Jhoira that the unusual storm accompanying the planeswalk is just his way of showing off to herself and the Shivan warriors that have come with them. And maybe it works. She doesn't comment about the magical display. What she does notice is that it's too cold. And despite Keld being one of the richest sources of red mana on the plane, she makes an attempt at a fire spell and can barely manage a spark. He must have missed his target. This can't be Keld.

He assures her that this is where he meant to take them, and he looks up through the dingy sky to the start above, and the stars don't lie. This is Keld. He hopes she doesn't notice that the top of every mountain in sight is now a crater as if the whole mountain range went through a series of volcanic eruptions. Keld has never has a volcanic eruption in all of recorded history.

As for the Shivans, there are four of them. Only four had agreed to come along, but Jhoira said four would be enough, if it was the right four. A pair of Ghitu fireslingers , Dassene and Aprem, as well as two fierce viashino   warriors, Corus and Skive, step through the vortex.

(Just four Shivan of all of the Shivans they've saved? This must be an extremely popular mission... or Teferi rubs people the wrong way.)

Teferi welcomes them to Keld, and informs them that something is wrong with the mana. With a wave of his hand necklaces appear around each of the warriors and Jhoira as well, and he tells them they're mana stars. They're to draw mana from the artifacts and not from the land.

After a quick glance at their surroundings, Corus comments that it's too cold, and Teferi dismisses him for just being accustomed to the desserts of Shiv, and the viashino tells him to not treat him like an idiot. He'd been to Keld before, and this place isn't right.


Jhoira chimes in that this is supposed to be Keld's busiest port, but there are no ships, no port, and no people. A shack that was on it's last legs was the only sign that any population ever existed.

Teferi wishes out loud that he knew what was wrong, and Jhoira reminds him that's why they're here, to consult with Freyalise. She's had experience transporting Skyshroud to the plane and she may have other useful information. Teferi lets the group know that there is a unforeseen difficulty when it comes to planeswalking at the moment. Feyalise may have developed a way to defend herself from outsiders, so they'll have to walk to Skyshroud.

But first, a fight:

The fog between the dunes was flowing away from a tall pillar of... something. Distorted waves of force churned along its exterior, causing the pillar to scintillate and throb like a living thing. The rectangular mass was translucent, bu the view through it was distorted, bent as if seen through a carelessly ground lens. Instead of the dreary and dead Keldon beach around them, looking through the phenomenon showed a Keldon shoreline that was bright, burning, and hot. In fact, it showed a bustling port complete with many buildings and plenty of ships. Teferi's eyes narrowed in the harsh light illuminating the scene inside the pillar, where everything that was visible was also on fire.

As waves of energy emanate from the distortion, searing pain runs through Teferi's body. One, then two, then more Keldon warriors fall through onto the sand. Each one gets up and lets out a blood-curdling battle cry. At least Teferi thinks they're Keldons. There's something about the greyish tinge to their skin that he doesn't remember. Jhoira figures out why that is and says it simply can't be. Those Keldons are from a time long past when they used a mixture of science and magic to enhance their fighting prowess.

Over two dozen Keldons fall through the distortion and when they see Teferi's party, they act like Keldons and declare death to the strangers. Teferi doesn't know what to do and just freezes in place, so the Shivans go ahead and attack without his command. It's either fight or die, so they charge forward to meet the onslaught.

With that many against so few there's no way for them to win, so Jhoira yells at the planeswalker to stop all this and eventually she gets through. He apologizes for being distracted, and with a wave of his arm the Keldons disappear.

Teferi hates that there is now something else on his plate that he has to address but things are clearly more wrong than he anticipated. He tells Jhoira he has to go somewhere, but he'll be back before the Shivans return.

...Moments later...

Jhoira and the others watch as the ghostly images of the Shivans fade into view, and with every passing moment they become ever more solid. There's nothing to do but be ready and hope Teferi is true to his word.

* * *

Time Frame

Teferi and Jhoira have been living for ages, so I understand they have the experience to recognize differences between what is and what they think their surroundings should be. But the viashinos do to? I guess I don't understand how long it's been since Teferi phased Shiv and Zhalfir away from Dominaria and/or I don't quite understand how phasing works.


So Freyalise teleported Skyshroud to Dominaria. That's something I did not know. While her name is familiar, I don't even know that I ever realized she was a planeswalker and not just a legend.

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