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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 18

Time to discover the true effects of Teferi's paradox.

Time Spiral - Chapter 18

Teferi remembers so clearly when the was taught about the concept of "now" when he was still only a small child. His mother took him down by the river, and told him that "now" was a special word. It captured single moment, like a single drop of water in a river. Immediately after saying "now," the moment is already past and heading towards the sea never to be touched again. But she can always mark another "now." When she asks him to do something now, she means to do it before the point in the water flowed out to the sea.

Teferi's mother was just telling him her own special variation of a Zhalfirin homily, but he knows that is the exact moment he gained a special fascination with time. When he joined the Tolarian Academy, the great planeswalker Urza recognized his gift and helped it flourish. He stood out amongst all others to Urza because of his understanding of time and because Urza sensed an unawakened planeswalker's spark within him.

And speaking of sparks, planeswalkers didn't often share the stories of their awakening, but from what Teferi has gathered over the years, it seems as if it always involves a moment of catastrophic stress. Usually the moment and happens within the blink of an eye. Teferi was different. Trapped within the bubble of slow time, his body transformed over the course of forty years. Particle by particle he changed while he felt as if he was being burned alive, and he had no idea what happened to him until twenty years after the event.

How could he be anything but a master of time, when throughout his entire lifetime, he has been immersed in time like no other?

But look where he is now. He's in a moment of non-existence. There is no mistaking this for the the Blind Eternities. He's in the nothingness between planes. There is no sense of movement at all. There's no sense anything.

His emotions had taken over when he tried preventing his own ascension. He knew it, but he came to his senses too late to stop the spell. The multiverse responded by isolating him from existence.

But there's still a thread out there connecting him to reality. He heard Jhoira call out to him.

There is no sense of time in this place... is it still now? She means so much to him, she always has, but can he even save her anymore or is the moment already past and gone?

Then he hears another voice. One full of power and malevolence.

Teferi concentrates and summons every ounce of force available to him. In one explosive moment he destroys the unseen barrier between himself and the rest of the multiverse.

Get away from her, he sent, his tone calm and menacing. Without waiting for a reply, Teferi planeswalked striaght to Jhoira's side, as full of purpose as he ever had been, more determined and clear-minded than he'd been in decades.

Jhoira is his friend and he will never leave her again.

* * *

Teferi, Hero Once More

Obviously this was Teferi's moment to step up and become a hero. This is where his mission becomes personal and where the dangers become real to him. It's no longer like he's in school with an essay due at the end of the week. His friend who's been by his side for a thousand years is in danger.

I like that there actually were consequences to the paradox that Teferi created, and while this was essentially a "Love conquers all" moment that bends the realities of the universe, I think works. If this book were longer, or I would have liked him to maybe care more that he's isolated from everything for all time, but I've definitely come across moments like this in other books, TV shows, and movies were something like this comes off as incredibly cheesy, and McGough managed to avoid that. Good job.

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