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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 17

After the tumble through time and space, our heroes find themselves... somewhere they don't recognize.

Time Spiral - Chapter 17

Radha is the first to wake, and the first to see that they're all there except for the missing Teferi, they're on some clifftop she doesn't recognize, and they're not alone. A very polite fellow with filed down teeth and tattoos on his face that make him look feline in nature, Jiro, warns them that this is the hunting ground of prince Yueri-teki. Radha looks around and recognizes this place from the vision with the falling comet. Juri says it's called Madara. He calls it both dragon country and the nekoru nation. He says they must leave now or harm may come to them.

Well, you know Radha, she won't stand threats, and when Corus wakes up Radha tells him to go check on the others while she handles Jiro. And by handle, that means refuse to heed every warning and then challenge him to go ahead and summon his master Yurei-teki.

He was a gorgeous monster, thirty feet long from head to tail and from wingtip to wingtip. His body was covered in silky black fur that was as lush as a mink's. His coat dazzled the eye with alternating bands of orange and yellow. he bore a broad white patch across his chest and elegant white rings around the end of his long, cylindrical tail.

The nekoru's head was round and compact, and his triangular ears were in constant motion. The rest of his features were decidedly reptilian, with a small, wedge-shaped face and short ,interlocking teeth. This huge yellow eyes had vertical pupils. They widened as he cleared the edge of the cliff and reared back. His wings pounded sending a flurry of dust across the entire area, and the great nimble beast lit gently on the ground.

(Cat dragons? Those don't sound familiar to me. But I guess this whole place wasn't familiar to Teferi or Jhoira, so maybe it's supposed to be this way.)

Prince Yurei-teki says he's pleased to be presented with this fresh meat. Radha yells out her challenge and both her and awakened Skive are surprised at the cat-dragon's speed. However, Yurei-teki is also caught by surprise at how quick Radha and Skive are and commands his nekozukai to join in on the attack. Thank goodness that Dassene and Aprem are awake and ready to join in and the all out brawl begins.

...Jhoira wakes...

And she finds Corus at her side. The viashino updates her and they watch the battle. It's fast and furious with the Shivans mostly handling the tattooed folk, while Radha takes on the cat-dragon. Radha glows with the thrill of battle, and by the end she's securely wrapped around his neck with two blades pointed at his eyes, ready to blind him if he doesn't end the fight.

With all the royal dignity he can muster, Prince Yurei-teki lands and says he's tired of this game. He tells his worshipers that the strangers are not to be harmed. He's ready to feast on some fish.

Our heroes regroup, and just when they think they can take a breather...

Well met, warriors. The bodiless voice was formal and strong, almost majestic.

"There's someone in my head," Venser said anxiously. "Is there someone in yours?"

The voice says it's been centuries since he's had new guests. Centuries since the nekoru came. And these guests seem to be extra special. He asks for their names, and is most especially interested in the man from Urborg and the warrior from Keld.

Jhoira is sure that when a mysterious voice has interest in the same people as Teferi it can't be good.

Please, she tried her best to send this pleas directly to Teferi's mind. Come back to us now.

* * *

Man of Mystery

A majestic, yet threatening voice that communicates like a planeswalker and seems pretty well informed and is not one of these cat-dragons. Is this Nicol Bolas? I know next to nothing about his history, and I don't know if I'm supposed to recognize this place, but that's my best guess.

My other guess is that it has something to do with Kamigawa, another story that I'm deficient in. The names of the cat-dragon and the people do sound like they fit better in that world. Although I'm not quite sure if we're still in Dominaria. I assume so since every other vision our heroes saw were all related to Dominaria, so I don't see why another plane could come into this mix.


This chapter has certainly switched gears on me. Gone are all the familiar surroundings and throwbacks to previous stories that I can recognize. I don't know if this is familiar to anyone else, but this is unknown territory to me, but I'm guessing it's about to be cleared up real soon. This book should be written with both those familiar with all the backstory and those not, so I'm not too worried.

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